Treasure Djinn Pendulum

Treasure Djinn Pendulum

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This piece holds an entity that is known as a treasure djinn.  If the name isn't self-explanatory, allow me to explain.  This piece holds an ancient djinn form who grants 12 wishes.  Don't worry, though, because on top of granting your wishes, this djinn will also grant you wealth.  Here's how you use it.  

This piece is used as a pendulum.  You will get comfy and channel your energies into the pendulum and envision it swinging in a counterclockwise motion.  Once it begins to swing, the pendulum creates a vortex from which the djinn will be pulled.  He appears in spirit form with a bluish-purple haze.  

Once the djinn is pulled from the pendulum you can ask it to grant your wishes.  You will then use this pendulum it the traditional "yes or no" sense, and it will guide you to financial success.  Ask the djinn matters of personal finance and it will tell you either yes or no when using the piece as a pendulum.  It's that simple, but he has the insights that will allow you achieve not only financial freedom but vast quantities of wealth. 



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