Tree of Eden and the Dove From Above

Tree of Eden and the Dove From Above

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There is no entity that is quite as knowledgeable as God.  He knows all things.  After all, he created the universe and all things in it, so he kind of has an advantage in the knowledge department.  To mimic his own growing knowledge, he has planted what is called the Tree of Life.  This is the storied tree of Adam and Eve and the eventual reason why they were kicked out of the Garden of Eden. 

The Tree of Eden, as it is sometimes called, is a growing, living, breathing form of God's knowledge.  Each branch contains a different knowledge.  For instance, there are branches that tell the stories of the ancient Egyptians and their pyramids.  There are branches that show the memories of the ancient Mayans and their abilities to control time.  There are even branches that hold the Satanic knowledge of Aleister Crowley.  When I say God sees all things, he literally sees and knows ALL THINGS.

When you wear this piece, it will allow you to designate a tree as the Tree of Eden, in the same way God has.  Here's the thing, it doesn't always have to be the same tree.  You will simply wear the piece, go up to a tree and place both your hands on it.  Focus on the knowledge that you want or need in the moment.  The Tree will transform and will begin to deliver the knowledge that you ask for.   

There are literally no limitations or restrictions on the knowledge that you will be able to obtain with this piece.  Whether the information is God-sanctioned or not, you will be able to obtain it, because God has seen it.  As an added bonus, this piece holds the Holy Ghost in its pure form.  This is a protection entity and will keep you safe while you are using this piece.  





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