Two Dozen Powers of Siddhi
Two Dozen Powers of Siddhi
Two Dozen Powers of Siddhi

Two Dozen Powers of Siddhi

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This piece was given to be by a Buddhist in a temple that I visited while I was in Nepal.  I know that it seems that a lot of my items contain some form of Buddhist magic or another, but if this magic was so powerful, I wouldn't have to bother.  On the contrary, this magic is excessively power and it embodies so much of the spiritual world that it opens up the body to receive powers that we are all capable of receiving, but which most will ignore.  It is the realization that our bodies are not just mortal bodies, but they are tools and implements used to attain the magic that we desire.  If you want something, then go and get it.  If you desire something, then make it yours.  How can these powers be so easily attained, yet nobody cares to even it a second thought.  We have lost these forms of magic to the materialistic world.  
This piece is one that will help you get back to the basics, to realize the energy that you have in your body and realize that you are capable of much more than what you have been doings with your physical and spiritual life.  If you are on a quest to find magic within your own scope of reason, then this item is for you because it stretches the mind and allows the magic of the ancients to come to you.  It allows their energies to flow through you, by which you will be totally cleansed and made whole again.  Using this piece you will successfully attain oneness and the power of the Siddhis will flow through you freely.  This simply a way of saying very powerful psychic abilities will be awaken to you.  
The energy of this piece has been set into this piece by a very powerful monk.  He is the one who gave me the piece when I traveled to Nepal.  He has obtained immortality through meditation and the rearranging of his human genome.  The power in this piece will also rearrange your human genome, not so much that you will attain immortality, but enough that the Siddhis will flow through you and your psychic abilities will fully awaken.  Below is a listing of the Siddhis you will obtain when using this piece.
Anima- the ability to reduce your body size to the size of an atom
Mahima- the ability to expand your body to an infinitely large size
Garima- the ability to become infinitely heavy
Laghima- the ability to become almost weightless
Prapti- having unrestricted access to all places, so in other words unrestricted astral travels
Prakamya- realizing whatever you want, the ability to gain all knowledge of the world and the universe
Istva- the ability to hypnotise another individual, whether or not it's against their will.
Vastva:  The ability to control the minds of others and make them do your will 
trikalajnatvam- the abilitu to know and to see the past, present, and future
advandvam- the ability to overcome all obstacles 
para citta adi abhijnata- being able to full read and comprehend the minds of others. 
agni arka abmu visa adinam- being able to control the elements (i.e. fire, sun, water, wind, etc.)
aparajayah- allowing your magic to become stronger than all and unconquered
anurmimattvan-  being undisturbed by bodily urges-- hunger, thirst, pain, etc.
durasravana- hearing all things, regardless of how far away they are
duradarsana- being able to see all things, either physically or psychically, regardless of distance
manojavah- moving your body to any place that you can make appear in your mind
kamarupam- assuming any form that you desire
parakaya pravesanam- the ability to enter and posses the bodies of others
svachanda mrtyuh- dying whenever you want to, or not dying 
devanam saha krida anudarsanam- being able to hold communion with all gods
yatha sankalpa samsiddhih-  the perfect accomplishment of your determination, removing all obstacles from your life's goals
ajnapratihata gatih-  your orders and commands being unimpeded, meaning all people that you deal with must be subservient (all people that you choose)
Aside from being seriously powerful, this ring has been done in a sterling silver with red accent markings on it. 


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