Two-Fold Elemental Witch Pendulum
Two-Fold Elemental Witch Pendulum

Two-Fold Elemental Witch Pendulum

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If you are into spirited items, then this is one for you. This piece contains the presence of an actual elemental witch. She is ancient and in her spirit form she has obtained immortality. She will give you give your her name when you begin using this piece and you two have bonded. She asked us that we didn't give her name away in the listing. She's just kind of private like that, I guess.

You will use this piece as you would use a pendulum. You can ask it, yes or no questions and ti will surely give you the answers to the questions that you've asked. However, this pendulum does so much more for you. I mean, it has a witch living inside of it. Of course, it does more.

This witch brings you an ancient source of magic, including the ability to cast spells. When using this piece as a pendulum, instead of allowing it to move back and forth, tell the piece with your mind to move in counter-clockwise circles. It may take a little practice, but I doubt it, because this witch is just itching to make a connection.

Once you have mastered the circles, you will then focus all of your energy on these circles. As you are creating these circles with the pendulum you will concentrate on the spell that you wish to cast. The energies from your thoughtform will flow down your arm and into the arc of the pendulum. The pendulum will read your thoughtform and will cast whatever you have thought of. It is really that simple to use. I have used it dozens of times in testing and I can tell you that whatever you are asking for is cast almost immediately.

As this witch is an elemental witch, she will also allow you to create magic using the natural elements. When using this piece you will gain a higher understanding of the elements of nature and how they work together. Use this piece with the circles and your own thought forms in order to create powers that be manifest to you through the use of this pendulum.

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