Two-Headed Gryphus of Riches
Two-Headed Gryphus of Riches

Two-Headed Gryphus of Riches

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In ancient Egyptian, the griffon was considered mostly protection against evil spirits, magic and other sources of darkness. You can find symbols of them all over items of protection, some of which were for wealth while others were for the future. Sometimes griffons would even be placed upon vessels of power to protect the power. It all really depended on the desired purpose of the griffon that was to be conjured. It was also a bit of a soft core practice that few actually bothered with. Not because griffons are not worth the time it takes to summon but because they have a tendency to reject their duty if they are not summoned or harnessed properly.

This is especially true for this particular spirit. As far as Egyptians go, it was summoned first and foremost by Khufu who used the power of several of them to create the golden capstone of the Great Pyramid, enabling its power to absorb, bestow or completely destroy any form of magic that passed through it. He summoned it once more shortly before his death, however, when he did so, he had embodied some of the magical power of Ra who granted him an ability to summon a far more ancient and sacred guardian - his very own two-headed gryphus. It is best known and described in the few documents of its appearance that remain as a gryphus of riches because that was primarily what it was used for.

It was used to birth an item of near-constant wealth reproduction. We are in possession of the original piece but that is not the one we will be offering due to the nature of it. It is far more powerful than just wealth but that is for another time. This piece is born of that piece. It pulls directly from the two-headed griffon and can generate an extreme amount of wealth over time. Additionally, like most other griffons, it offers complete protection over not only you but the very wealth it generates. 

This griffons name is Fino. Fino is a male. I had to put that as I know someone’s going to ask.

Gold filled antique ring.



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