Tylweth Teg Cleansing Bracelet
Tylweth Teg Cleansing Bracelet

Tylweth Teg Cleansing Bracelet

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This piece is a fairy cleansing bracelet. It holds cleansing magic that holds its roots in the realm called Tylweth Teg. Tylweth Teg is the realm that the Fair Folks created specifically for themselves after humanity became greedy for power and began to exploit them for it. Under normal circumstances, human's wouldn't have been able to do this, except for the fact that they had recently discovered an unknown source of magic that gave the supremacy. This source of magic eventually became known as the sorcerer's stone.

Either way, they create Tylweth Teg. Only fairies and other races of fair folk are able to cast magic that allows them inside and outside of the realm. So, to have magic that actually originates from there means that somebody has actually had to intentionally bring the magic from this realm here. This was probably a fairy who wanted to cleanse in the human realm but knew the T.T. magic was better than human realm magic.

Either way, this piece is amazing. It provides a spiritual cleansing that will take you back to the way you existed when you were-- uninfluenced and without any spiritual maladies whatsoever. This cleans your aura, your karma, your soul, and allows for charging of all the innate abilities that you were born with. Those remain unabated during this cleanse. You will also find that using this piece opens up the sixth sense and you will gain a whole faculty of psychic sense that you will be able to use almost immediately.  It will be almost as if you have undergone a total spiritual metamorphosis and you are no longer an ugly caterpillar but a beautiful spiritual butterfly.

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