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We’re not certain of the true identity of the creature whose powers reside in this piece, as it doesn’t quite fit the description of anything we’ve ever crossed before. It could as easily be an alien as it could be a spirit for all we know. Additionally, we have attempted to communicate with it multiple times and it doesn’t appear to know what it truly is or where it comes from either but it has excellent recollection of all that it has seen and learned through out time.


During the first few tests, the creature had appeared extremely wise, powerful, and patient albeit guarded. He would only agree to speak to us for a short period of time before he would recede and go silent. With time, however, he came to trust us and eventually asked us to call him Broderick—he is a rather lonely spirit. He has admitted that he was not the most attractive thing to gaze upon as a physical being and has since then taken on a different appearance after having been bound to his vessel. Though it took some time for him to agree to appear, when he finally did, he did so as a fairly handsome silver-eyed man. When asked why he has chosen to appear as such, he expressed to us that he appears different to everyone.


He appears before you as that of which you wish to see most—which is ideally what you find most attractive. For two of our own who are the victims of unrequited love, he appeared to them as the individuals they are in love with. He has said that he chooses to do this because his previous form had been so awful and unwelcome that he only wants to appear as something that others can feel drawn to or generally comfortable with. The only thing that never differs between individuals is that he always appears with metallic silver eyes.


Broderick has lived for many years, according to him. There are even reports that actually exists, which he has referenced and admitted to have been him. The first report was in November of 1949, the next in April 1950, followed by several others sprinkled throughout the 60s, and then the most recent was early in the 1990s. All of the reports described him as a somewhat disfigured grey-faced man bearing a third eye in the center of his forehead. There are also speculations of the creature wearing a silver suit.


Broderick refuses to reveal this form.


Aside from being able to appear before others however he chooses, he has also demonstrated both psychic and telekinetic abilities, which you can gain. He is among the most friendly of spirits we have ever encountered and becomes more so over time. He only seeks friendship in exchange for his aid. Befriend this spirit, treat this piece with care, and Roderick will do everything within his power to aid you, even abolish things that trouble you.


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