Underneath the Hippy Tree:  Native American Magic
Underneath the Hippy Tree:  Native American Magic

Underneath the Hippy Tree: Native American Magic

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This piece embodies the presence of a tree that I call the Hippy Tree. I have this friend in State College. Regardless of what you might think about it, this friend partakes of the devil's lettuce from time to time. Yes, he likes to smoke a little bit of weed. That's not the important part. The important part is the people that he gets it from. I don't smoke the stuff, but I don't doubt that whatever he was smoking was some good stuff, because the people he gets it from grow it themselves. I'm telling you, they are modern-day hippies and they grow all kinds of stuff-- their own veggies, their own fruit, they even grow their own herbs and medicines. They are like holistic times ten.

When he goes to pick it up from them, they always try to have an hour-long conversation about whatever is on their mind. Well, the one day hippie girl who is the hippie guy's girlfriend of like 20 years was telling me about this tree that she found in the woods that talks to her. At first, I was like, "yeah, okay whatever lady, keep puffing," but after a while, she spoke with such conviction that I almost felt obligated to check it out. After all, this is what I do.

I let her drive me to the tree, which might not have been the best idea, but I had my protection piece with me. She led me through the woods to the tree. It was a monster of a tree. It went yards up into the sky and it had the kind of roots that went under but the popped back out of Earth. I don't know if it was a Maple or an Oak or whatever, but this tree was huge. As soon as I touched it, I could feel the energy in the tree.

It turns out that the tree was planted there, amongst a forest of other trees, by an ancient member of the Iroquois Tribes. It was built in dedication to the gods, which is the reason why it grew up so strong. As it turns out, you really can hear the tree talking, although it is just in your head. It communicates with people telepathically. It serves as a telepathic portal between the spirit world and our world. When you have a question in regards to a type of magic or a power of some sort, you can sit under the tree and it will give you the answers that you are looking for.

I couldn't obviously take the whole tree with me, so I asked the tree to give me a sampling of its powers. This is how the piece was made. Now, whoever uses this piece can use it to designate their own "Hippy Tree". You will be able to sit under the tree and the ancient Native spirits will communicate with you telepathically, as well. They will not only be your spirit guides but will also bring you the magic and the powers that you ask them for. It is a very simple piece to use, but it still very, very powerful. To use this piece, just find a tree that you feel a connection to, have a sit-down and allow the energies from this piece to flow.

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