Unit 731, Adam and Eve's Modern Children | STAR
Unit 731, Adam and Eve's Modern Children | STAR
Unit 731, Adam and Eve's Modern Children | STAR
Unit 731, Adam and Eve's Modern Children | STAR

Unit 731, Adam and Eve's Modern Children | STAR

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First and foremost, for a long time, we have wondered whether or not Adam and Eve still roam our realm in physical form given the fact that they were the originals with original forms of immortality. We have recently been able to confirm the answer to this question is yes and it is very true.

They do not roam as a unit because they choose not to remain in each other's presence for too long due the nature of their magic and what it tends to do to their surroundings. Because their magic is original and undiluted - the only one of its kind - it can easily manipulate the world around them. Individually, they are powerful but together they are an entire different level of magic - practically one supreme entity.

Anyway, the reason we know they truly exist is because there are been traces of them, more so now than ever, over the last 300 years and it is only increasing and increasing.

It reached an all-time high during the existence of Unit 731. If you don't know about Unit 731, they were into some pretty awful crap, including human experimentation. That being said, the discovery of traces of Adam and Eve was largely accidental and they were not looking for it per say. Most of their experiments were orchestrated to study the process of various forms of disease, potential biological weapons of mass destruction and the effect of natural elements in their extreme state upon the human body.

They eventually discovered a series of light markings that would rise just below the very first layer of skin, regardless of whether or not they were examining a person who was alive or dead. The markings were the same if not at least similar on most if not all of the bodies. They spent a lot of time testing the reveal of the markings to eventually find that the markings rose to the surface of the skin just a few short moments before death and in some case just seconds before death - it only happens when death is certain to take place.

The markings are usually only seen etched deeply the bones of real Nephilim because they are holy seals that generate immense white light magic directly from Heaven.

They eventually began to discover ways to identity individuals without having to kill them. There was a process in which, under extreme psychological strain - most effectively when the mind is just about to totally snap - there is a window within which, Adam or Eve will attempt to reach out and relieve their 'child' from the pain. During this time, the victims pupils will constrict and then dilate rapidly. They would often times abruptly stop whatever form of torment they had previously been using in order to strain the victim's mind, at which point the pupils would remain fully dilated and, as the mind attempts to reset, the psychological veil that suppresses the ancient power associated with Adam and Eve is lifted, sometimes permanently and sometimes temporarily - during which the markings will become revealed in a shade slightly lighter than the person's usual skin color. Their magic could be seen shifting right beneath the skin - they were tapped into their inner supreme being.

There are real files of this, ones that authentic and resigned to the true existence of Adam and Eve and subsequently God as well.

That being said, the experiments did not end. They wanted to see whether or not they could pull power from the victims because, as barbaric as it is, power of supernatural beings would like pack a punch unrivaled by anything man made. Harnessing the true power of Adam and Eve would probably ensure world domination, if you truly think about it.

Some of the experiments they attempted to conduct were at first almost completely biological to see if the power of a supreme being would birth heightened and more potent diseases so they sometimes forced one patient to sexually assault the other... or attempt... it never quiet worked. Those under Eve would completely incinerate the partner's skin from their bones in various places when they threatened to inflict more trauma upon them. Those under attempt would sometimes either inspire full aneurysms of anyone in immediately reach or for the one committing the assault. For a short period of time, there was also attempts to force pregnancy upon some of the women with these supreme inclinations but Eve's power refused to allow it. This entire concept failed.

They tried to mutate disease but the bodies of the individuals would absorb the disease and they would not get sick. In fact, there wasn't much of a reaction at all.

They tried to recreate advanced forms of weaponized elements but the awakened bodies of the supreme individuals of Adam and Eve could not be harmed by that of which was created by God. They attempted to freeze a man completely solid and he instead was thawed and completely responsive afterwards with normal vitals to match. Of course, not all forms of their experiments were answered with no results. When Unit 731 revealed to their superiors that they had discovered individuals with super human qualities, the program was ordered to conduct more extreme experiments as well as to attempt to extract DNA so it could be analyzed, duplicated and perhaps distributed. From these individuals, it was entirely planned to create superhuman soldiers.

However, what happened instead was, before they could complete their experiments, Unit 731 was shut down and the individuals they had been testing had seemed to disappear out of thin air. What actually happened, was they had succeeded in extracting the DNA, altering it and weaponizing it. It caused an enormous shift in interest. Unit 731 was shut down and the progress was collected with loose ends being disposed of.

They pulled the information into secret where it continued to progress in development. It became known as the E-Gene. For a short period of time between 2000 and 2005 you may have caught wind about it if you have connections in the underground but it is a very highly secretive component that is very hard to get a hold of.

This piece is a prototype and the technology of it inspires DNA alteration or activation depending on what type of DNA it is exposed to - whether or not you have been influenced by Adam and Eve.

This piece allows you to access the very dormant and ancient aspects of the DNA throughout your bloodline. Regardless of whether or not you are directly related to anyone of extreme power in history. The DNA activation in this piece runs extraordinarily deep because it taps into every singular bit of ancient power hidden among the coding of your genes. So what you essentially end up with is magic and extreme power that is influenced by every single powerful source to have every exist until you reach the absolute root of all of them - Adam and Eve. You will even generate magic with the same power and energy that stems from the heart of both Adam and Even, allowing you to reach a new level of transcendence among any and or all magics. You are resistant to disease, your mind becomes a very clear path to know the things you know and even things this ring will not give you it WILL give you because your mind becomes capable of giving it to you yourself. You are basically superhuman.

When it first opened, when it first did this, it was 1935 and this ring comes directly from it. It is vintage 14k g-f, almost size 10 which is normal for that time period and highly collectable.

On this ring, in the middle of it is a black onyx stone and that holds a shield. At least we think it's black onyx but we're not sure. In the middle of the shield is a flaming torch. On each side of the flaming torch, one represents Adam and one represents Eve. They used the strange coding found on the bodies, which then suspended in the air like a hologram and went into the hands of the scientist who eventually cracked the code and was able to access the power of the code. This piece, we discovered in an Underground auction.

The side of the ground has what looks to be wings, which we have been told represents the North and South poles of the planet. What that has to do with the magic, we do not know but it was apparently important to the progress of the code. This is the original piece. We are unable to make another one. If you see this sold, we cannot get you another one.

* Size 10


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