Unplugged lotion and shower gel

Unplugged lotion and shower gel

Regular price $ 20.00


This one has a scent that is of Black Dahlia and Plum blended with a woodland scent. It smells very seductive.  This one was cast with enchantment to produce a hormone in the body that sends out the orgasmic and sex signal. If you are looking to go out and get lots of attention then this would be your scent. I do like the scent of it and this is the bdy lotion and the shower gel.

The magic used in this is for attraction. I also have the Eau De Parfum available.When layering the scent you will triple the effects.

The usual price of this is over 20.00 and it is a Eau De Parfum not a cologne so the scent will last longer with out having to use a lot of it. This is brand new.

You are getting both the shower gel and the body lotion.

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