Unseen Spirit and Key to the Seven Seals | STAR
Unseen Spirit and Key to the Seven Seals | STAR
Unseen Spirit and Key to the Seven Seals | STAR

Unseen Spirit and Key to the Seven Seals | STAR

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This piece is one that was created upon St. Longinus stabbing Jesus in the side with the Lance during his crucifixion. Jesus' blood spilled over his hand and some of it managed to trickle over this item - a piece instilled with immense wealth, fortune and strength, which he had received upon his last victory - and it became encrypted with the foundation of the Seven Seals. It is said this piece actually haunted him as it rejected him due to him being the one to inflict the wound in Jesus' side.

He was forced to separate with the piece due to the nature of its rejection. Any other who has ever come in contact with it has never been rejected by it in any way - it only ever rejected St. Longinus.

The first four seals among the Seven interact with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

The first seal represents the white horse whom you may be tempted to assume is the real form of Jesus Christ but it is not. This is a common mistake upon first setting eyes upon this horseman but that is why I am telling you now that it is not. It is actually the most lethal among the horsemen. It is Conquest who, by himself, will attempt to spread false teachings of God. He may even attempt to do so to you, however, you will not hear them. You will hear only truths. From Conquest, you acquired complete clarity. Additionally, you can manipulate the minds of others.

The second seal represents the red horse associated with War. You will gain control over obstacles, including the ability to generate them. You will also have persuasion of a form of chaotic magic that can manipulate the temperament of any living creature or an spirit that was once alive. This can persuade them to either aid you, avoid you or perhaps even simply carry out any given chore.

The third seal represents the black horse upon which Famine rides. This ability is tricky because it is - aside from Conquest - the one that sometimes most makes this piece seem a bit darker than it actually is. Famine grants you the ability to conserve but in the form of first taking. Have you ever had your eyes set on something and wondered what it might be like to simply take it? From Famine you gain the ability to pull from whatever source you desire, including those of magic, wealth, power or simply energy. It can be anything you draw into yourself.

The forth seal represents the pale horse upon which Death rides. First and foremost, you do not gain the ability to bring on death. You simply become tethered strongly with the underworld, within which you are surrounded by it in all of its forms. You will be able to pull magic from Death, including the conjuring and resurrection of spirits. Like I said, anything but causing actual death. That being said, this is perhaps the only seal that you are only barely exposed to due to it's nature.

The fifth seal represents the soul of martyrs by which you become mastered in sacrifice and rituals. This is very self explanatory.

The six seal represents the physical changes that you will experiences and they will come over your swiftly as you are awakened and exposed to the power of the six seal.

The seventh seal represents the seven angels, which, when you are exposed to this piece, you will experience a vision of them standing before God. You will not yet be able to look upon God's face but you will look upon the angels and become aware of their true unhooded faces, which you will find are completely different than any human depiction. You will gain an immense amount of power under God, including that of angels and saints.

Combined, the power of this piece is truly immense and unrivaled by many other items of power, including holy ones. Aside from what you gain from the seven seals, you will also gain persuasion of general fortune. Be it yours or the likes of another. You will gain insight and psychological alignment with God and the seven angels at his side, which should happen after first being able to look upon their face. You will gain longevity, influenced by the power of Death - you can reject mortal weaknesses such as aging, fatigue and or withering. The possibilities of this item are very wide and diverse due to the opportunity of being able to become directly exposed to the Seven Seals. This piece is extremely rare and the only item of its nature that we know of.

The piece you see is what contains the seals as well as the elements of Jesus' blood that once touched it. This is actually what is known as the holy spirit on Earth - also known as the unknown spirit - and the sterling was actually made from some of the 30 pieces of silver Judas collected. The chain is not original to the piece but the pendent is. This is a very powerful piece - you WILL feel it and know it is there the moment you put it on. It can be used by male or female. The pendent is the vessel of power but you will get the chain as well. This piece is pure white light.


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