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This little creature is not one to mess with and the best part is you don't have to wear her. You can place this anywhere in your house you want and command her to go out and act like a heat seeking missle! This will destroy those who wish to harm you or are trying to destroy you!

I never tell anyone to do harm but I do believe in defending yourself and not taking any shit. This piece will do both. I used this on a lady a very long time ago, years ago who was a little sociapathic bitch. She would just lie to make stuff up and it was causing harm to many people. This was a work place issue for some and it needed to be taken care of. Now she is gone but I do feel bad for the poor guy her gold digging ass got with. Maybe he should have bought this as I'm sure by now he needs it! 

The spider name is Bella because that is the name she took. I don't know her real name and I'm not sure I want to know, either way I have had her more then 10 years and with no issues but always positive results!

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