Vampire Biotechnology of the Official Vampire Embassy | STAR
Vampire Biotechnology of the Official Vampire Embassy | STAR
Vampire Biotechnology of the Official Vampire Embassy | STAR

Vampire Biotechnology of the Official Vampire Embassy | STAR

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The Official Vampire Embasy (OVE) actually exists despite the rumors of anarchy some odd years back. Not all vampires are refined under it but there are an enormous amount of them that are. I'm not going to bother going over those logistics but fear not, if you are a vampire and have never heard of or have to ask yourself whether or not you are under the OVE, you most likely just aren't - it's not something that you would just not know and still be getting away with freely.

Anyway, the OVE is responsible for a number of the vampire orders that exist around the world. They may not control them all but their word heavily impacts many of their decisions, regardless of what they are. No one makes a move without the approval of OVE. There is no quicker way to get yourself and your coven completely annihilated other than if you choose to have a complete disregard for this general rule.

That being said, the OVE has the power to order covens of specialized talent to do their bidding, which is largely why this piece actually exists.

In 2002, vampires across the globe, particularly the ones affected by OVE, receded from the general public. Around this time, they did this because the OVE was silent and kind of dormant. The government was hunting down creatures of the supernatural, specifically immortal vampires who had been alive for at least a century or more. It forced a lot of vampires into hiding, the eternal ones of which decided to 'sleep' in an effort to escape the notice of those who may be looking for them. However, it wasn't entirely successful, which is proven true because this item actually exists; it couldn't exist without finding and obtaining the DNA coding of elder, elite or eternal vampires.

When this technology was created, the OVE became extremely relevant again and had pulled together every vampire under their influence and ordered them to do whatever they could to reacquire what the embassy considered to be rightfully theirs anyway. We are not explicitly sure how they managed to do it but we do know that the technology was in their possession soon after that and it was furthered by specialists under the OVE themselves to further modify what had already been invented. Their goal being to create a vampire specials or a method of transformation that had absolutely no weaknesses - a vampire transformation that could better allow them to adapt to and live among the general public. This piece is the result. It is entirely encrypted with and made with the technology they had found. Because of how difficult these items are to create, especially in modern appearance, there are very few currently in existence and the OVE is very reluctant to part with them.

The exposure of this piece against your skin is what activates the technology, after which it will continue to remain active until at least three months away from your specific flesh. It will also only activate and identify with your flesh after it has made contact with you. As your body is exposed to this technology, you will be exposed to a genetically altered form of vampire blood. In other words, it has been completely orchestrated to trigger a transformation that will make you become an advanced and hybrid form of a vampire. You will not be hindered by any of the usual weaknesses - you will not need to drink blood, you will not be affected negatively by the sunlight and you will not be allergic to garlic or holy relics. All of that is completely irrelevant to you.

You will experience a full sanguinic awakening, which is a vampire-specific psychic awakening and it tethers you to other vampires. You may not be able to hear them immediately - some can and some cannot - but you will be able to sense the presence of other vampires immediately, especially older and more powerful ones. You will inherit vampire allure, which has been modified to work a bit differently than what is considered traditional. It works similarly but it is more potent and refined with a lot more control involved. Unlike the general vampire aura, the attraction associated with this transformation is entirely reliant on your own free will. In other words, you will be able to consciously choose someone you are attracted to - it doesn't matter what form of attraction this is - and you can then choose how they respond to you. Do you want them to lust after you? Love you? Eat out of the palm of your hand? It's your choice.

Another thing you will experience in agility. The alteration to this transformation, as I said, is a hybrid form of vampire so you are borderline superhuman but not quite. You are not invincible, not immortal and certainly not a inhuman. You will experience increased urges and desires that will fuel your desires. It will not be mandatory and you will not be faulted for not indulging but it will be something that you will experience. It comes with the territory. Like I said, this piece is very powerful, rare and given how difficult it was just to get this one, we doubt it'll be possible to come across another, at least not without paying a pretty penny to do so. It's be wise to get this one while you can.

This piece is gold over sterling.


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