Vampire Compass Ring

Vampire Compass Ring

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This piece holds a magic that was acquired from the vampire farms. It is no secret that vampires are all around us. They exist in seemingly human form and this is because most of the ones that exist on Earth were once humans themselves. Not all of them, but this applies to many of them. Thus, it is pretty easy for them to simply get on in their current body and pass themselves off as simply mortals. Their ability to control the minds of mortals and to replace their memories with whatever they want them to see has helped them a great deal.

This piece contains a single drop of vampire blood, which is where it has obtained its powers. This piece in and of itself does not give you vampire powers. Rather, this piece is a vampire compass. What it does is drop the veil between you and true form vampires that exist on the Earth around you. The vampires will not know that you know, but you will be able to identify those around you who aren't as human as they claim to be. This piece doesn't hold a shield magic that will make you immune to any powers that vampires try to use against you such as impression magic or mind control.

This piece is not only a compass but when you get close enough to an entity that you know is a vampire, it will replicate their vampiric DNA. This DNA will pulsate through your body with the beating of your heart, starting with the ring, which will act as a "hot spot" and will create a siphon effect that will allow you to obtain a copy of any vampire's power that you will come across.

The piece is pretty amazing if you ask me. One last thing, when the veil drops, vampires are not the ONLY entity that you will be able to detect. You will be able to detect every other form of entity that exists around you in human form, also. For instance, this piece will help you identify djinn, angels, demons, werewolves, and other types of entities that are trying to pass off their human form. It will only siphon vampire magic, though. Hence, this piece is called the Vampire Compass.

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