Vampiric Blood Maps From the Oslo Ossuary
Vampiric Blood Maps From the Oslo Ossuary

Vampiric Blood Maps From the Oslo Ossuary

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Just a few thoughts before I delve into exactly what this piece will do for you. First and foremost, if you are into vampires, then this piece is definitely for you. Secondly, if you thought that Paris was the only place that has a secret catacomb then you were drastically wrong. In fact, the powers that are found in the piece were obtained from a hidden catacomb. These catacombs are located beneath the city streets of Oslo, Norway. However, the catacombs that exist there in Oslo aren't the bones of normal human beings. They are the bones of vampires that were defeated by a group of Vikings warriors in ancient times. Well, I use the term warriors very loosely. They were actually Viking sorcerers who practiced the ancient teachings of Runic magic that were passed down to them by the druids that owned the land before they did. Of course, in those days the land wasn't known as Oslo. In fact, I don't even know if the tiny settlement of the time had a proper name. I just know that there were villagers there and at night they were terrified by vampires who would visit their village and pick off their members one by one. That is why the to the Viking Sorcerers for help. It was the power of these men that defeated the vampires using ancient druidic and runic magic.

I cannot say that I know what magic was used to destroy the vampires. However, whatever magic has been used allowed their bodies to stay intact, versus the burning that other people had to perform. This tells me it was a very advanced type of magic. This allowed for the preservation of their remains. In fact, the original settlers of the camp became dedicated to the preservation of the acquisition of more and more vampire bones. They soon became vampire hunters and moreover the sworn enemies of all vampires. The Vampire Ossuary in Oslo is not something that will ever admit to existing. It is meant to be a secret place where the bones of the vampires go to rest, where they cannot hurt anyone else and where the powers of these vampires will be readily available. This means that they can access a full range fo vampire powers that they can use at any time.

Of course, you know that we had visited the Vampire Ossuary. There aren't many operations like this that we don't know about. The piece that you see listed here is a piece that has come from the Oslo Vampire Ossuary. It was created using the energy of the vampire bones that exist there and the blood that remains on them. It might be dry but it is still energetic and was able to be siphoned to make this piece, which is called the Blood Map of the Vampiric Immortals. When you wear this piece you gain a connection to a universal vampiric consciousness. This is like a universal brain through which you will be connected to a network of vampiric minds. This is the "map". It is powered by your own blood and the connection your blood makes to this piece when you wear it.

When you wear this piece you will be able to travel throughout the network of vampires, called the blood map. You will be able to travel on the blood map to exist inside of the minds of all the vampires in existence. The reason this piece allows you to do this is that the stone in this piece contains a drop of blood from the original vampire to ever walk on Earth. He goes by the name Noctern and he is not in the catacombs. I'm not entirely sure how his powers ended up in this piece, I just know that they are there and since he is the Original, his blood allows you to travel into the minds of all other vampires that exist. It's a simple concept, but it is extremely powerful. You will literally be able to leave your body in astral form, to travel along the blood map, to see through the eyes of other vampires, to know their minds, and to gain their power. This is all without actually ever becoming a vampire. There is not a vampire power that isn't attainable when using this piece, you just have to search the collective minds of the vampires that exist on Earth, which are thousands. Using this piece, you will simply close your eyes and envision the powers that you want. When you open your eyes again, you will be seeing through a new set of eyes. Don't be alarmed. That is the vampire that's going to provide you with the ability you have requested. You will bond with this mind and you will walk away with all of his magic and power. The piece you are using will absorb this power and it will become yours for the keeping.

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