Vampiric Blood of Tessa St Germain
Vampiric Blood of Tessa St Germain
Vampiric Blood of Tessa St Germain

Vampiric Blood of Tessa St Germain

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In the early 1900s, there arrived a man in New Orleans by the name of Jacques St. Germain. He kept clandestine business, but he was very handsome and elegant in his ways. He was very wealthy, extravagant and mysterious. Nobody knew exactly why he had landed in New Orleans or what his intentions were. He was notably curious about human activity in the area. His reputation preceded him and he soon became a hit in New Orleans.

The quite eccentric St. Germain eventually took residence at 1039 Royal Street in the French Quarter. He was a regular cavalier and could be seen strolling the French Quarter with beautiful women, attending soirees at the most elegant locales in the area. He often stayed into the early morning hours. He relished in throwing dinner parties for the socialites of New Orleans, telling them fascinating stories of France, Italy, Africa, and Egypt. He spoke with conviction as if he had actually been there himself.

St. Germain prided himself in coming from the bloodline of the Compte de St Germain, who was not seen photographed since around the age of 40, the same age Jacque St Germain appeared to be when he arrived in New Orleans. This got the townsfolk wondering if Jacques was not the immortal St Germain himself. After all, he bore an uncanny resemblance. Although his parties were celebrated and he offered feasts for his guest, it was often noted that he never ate any of the food. He stood at the helm of the party drinking what was presumed to be wine out of a very haughty chalice.

Although Jacque St Germain never confirmed or denied what his guests were wondering, things took a turn for the sinister when a woman that he had invited to his party lept from the balcony of a gallery that St Germain kept a full story above the rest of his mansion. When the police arrive the woman, who was rumored to have been a prostitute, told them that she had no choice but to leap over the balcony. She told them she was under assault by Jacque St Germain after he had bitten her neck. She said that she was paralyzed and the only thing that allowed her to free herself from his gaze was that there came a loud knock at the door that broke his concentration. She said that she remembers Jacques looking into her eyes telling her to not be afraid and to stand still, which she did against her will.

The reports obviously sounded nuts, so the police told Jacques not to bother coming to the station for questioning at such an absurd hour of the night. They invited him to come the following morning, but he never showed up. Upon his absence, they broke into his mansion, searching his entire abode for him. He was nowhere to be found. What they did find in wine cellar chilled them to the bone. They found half-empty but corked bottles of what they presumed to be wine. Upon further analysis, it was proven to be wine mixed with human blood. Jacques was mysteriously never heard from again.

As for the woman he had bitten, she has her own story. You know how vampire bites are. They are extremely contagious. She ended up going through her own vampire transformation before moving away to Chicago. She changed her name to Tessa St Germain and started her own coven of offspring vampires whom she called the House of St Germain, which brings our story full circle.

This piece has been created using the blood of Tessa St Germain. Sorry fellas, this one for the ladies. When you wear this piece you gain all the powers of a vampiress. You will not need to take blood, because this piece does not hold a vampire spirit, only the powers. You will gain full powers of mind control, hypnosis, and seduction. You will gain agelessness, youth, vigor, and beauty. You will become superior in strength, agility, speed, and all human movement. Your sense of sight will be amplified. Your sense of hearing will be amplified. You will be given full psychic abilities, as there are no senses that vampire blood does not heighten.

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