Vibrational Frequency Overhaul (Five Elders of the Universe), Listing 2
Vibrational Frequency Overhaul (Five Elders of the Universe), Listing 2

Vibrational Frequency Overhaul (Five Elders of the Universe), Listing 2

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This piece is something, unlike anything you've likely experienced. First of all, this piece is a very unique item. Just look at it. It is definitely something that I'd want to have in my lineup. Aside from the fact that it looks intriguing, the powers inside of this piece are something that you are not going to want to miss out on. This is because the pieces in this item hold an energy that is going to give you a vibrational attunement. They were developed by the government at Area 51 using ancient alien technology and they were going to be given out piece by piece to secret operatives in order to locate aliens that live among the general population who have taken human form and try to blend in. However, we have acquired these pieces-- all of them-- and put them into one single necklace. This is because we want to be able to provide you with a massive vibrational overhaul that will set your chakratic alignment in such a configuration that you will be able to communicate with the elders of the universe.

There are five elders of the universe who live in five distinct planets. These planets exist at different locations throughout the universe and they each hold ancient powers. On each of these planets is a pyramid in which the elder is housed where they each have a direct connection to the cosmic life force. Each specialized is a different kind of power and the powers that you get through gaining these vibrational frequencies are the powers that these five hold. They represented by the five stones that are worked into this piece below the five depictions of the part of the space that they reside in. These ancient powers are enclosed inside and you will gain them once your vibrational frequency overhaul is complete. The five powers you are going to get follow.

1.) Destiny Control-- the ability to control your own destiny
2.) Power Manifestation-- the ability to use the power of the cosmos to create your own magical powers
3.) Granting Magic-- the ability to grant the requests of others and yourselves and to manifest those requests into reality
4.) Astral-Spatial Travel-- the ability to astrally project yourself to any point in the universe in order to explore and acquire new powers.
5.) Time Manipulation-- the ability to travel both forward and backward in time, again to explore, to relive, and to gain any powers associated with the places you will visit.

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