Victorian-Era 15K Gold Ring w/Authentic Hair of Christ:  The Transcendence of All Times
Victorian-Era 15K Gold Ring w/Authentic Hair of Christ:  The Transcendence of All Times
Victorian-Era 15K Gold Ring w/Authentic Hair of Christ:  The Transcendence of All Times
Victorian-Era 15K Gold Ring w/Authentic Hair of Christ:  The Transcendence of All Times
Victorian-Era 15K Gold Ring w/Authentic Hair of Christ:  The Transcendence of All Times
Victorian-Era 15K Gold Ring w/Authentic Hair of Christ:  The Transcendence of All Times
Victorian-Era 15K Gold Ring w/Authentic Hair of Christ:  The Transcendence of All Times
Victorian-Era 15K Gold Ring w/Authentic Hair of Christ:  The Transcendence of All Times
Victorian-Era 15K Gold Ring w/Authentic Hair of Christ:  The Transcendence of All Times

Victorian-Era 15K Gold Ring w/Authentic Hair of Christ: The Transcendence of All Times

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If you are searching for a piece that brings full power and authority then you no longer have to search.  This piece is a phenomenal implement of metaphysical, white light magic. We have offered a lot of pieces in our time, but this piece is definitely one for the books.  When looking at it you can see the power and magic that is radiating from it. I wouldn’t even have to tell you that this piece is magical. If you had seen this piece under any other pretense, you would just know that this piece has abundant magic.  

The piece is a  15K Gold Victorian Mourning Ring that was made with Christ’s hair.  Although the ring can be traced back to the 1800s, the story of the hair begins much, much sooner than that.  In fact, to trace this story back to the roots you would have to go the Crucifixion of Christ. When he was taken down from the Cross and laid in the tomb, some of the believers took things such as pieces of his garments.  Some took locks of his hair. Some of this hair was kept by the leaders of the New Church-- Peter, Paul and James the Just.  

This first miracle of that was ever recorded with the lock of hair that was retained by the apostles is secretly called the Gift of the Cenacle.  You may have already heard that Christianity was formalized in a place called the Cenacle, aka the Upper Room. It was at this time that the hair that I speak of was used as a remnant of Christ to summon the presence of God.  God visited the early leaders of the church that day in the form of the Holy Ghost. Upon coming to Earth, he laid his hand upon the heart of Peter and the presence of God resided inside of him. He became the first Pope of the Christian Church, later called the Catholic Church.  Peter was a good man and in good faith, he created a capsule in which to keep the locks of Christ, as they were called.  

As Christianity grew, the Christians became more and more power, eventually establishing a stronghold in Rome where they built Vatican City.  Vatican City is an independent city-state that is governed by no higher authority other than God himself. In my humble opinion, his justice couldn’t be a tad bit swifter-- but who am I to judge?  Either way, that was the true beginning of the Locks of Christ and the beginning of its story. The capsule was put away and eventually stored in secret confine at Vatican City. It was only ever brought for help with slaying the mightiest defines and forcing them out of possessed bodies.  That all changed following the Papal Inauguration of Pope Boniface VIII. By this time the Church as a whole was already kind of growing to be apostate. However, Boniface kind of messed up big time. 

After his Papal Inauguration, things were going kind of good for Boniface.  He as first put in power in the year 1230 and rule a very health 73 years until his death in 1303.  While he might be remembered to those who don’t know any better as a Pope who reigned ten strong years, he will be remembered by those who are in cahoots with the hidden societies as the man who squandered away the first holy relic ever held by the Church.  You see, following his consecration Boniface was having a time of, shall we say, indiscretion. During this time he took a liking to a young girl nun who was named Mary Matilda. At first, it was just a liking. She was fair-skinned with a gorgeous ivory complexion, but soon the Pope was filled with lust.  Satan saw his weakness and sent the demon that resides over lust to inhabit the nun’s body.  

The demon used her powers of lust to tease the Pope into scandalous sexual affairs.  The Pope became quite ill with love and the demon, disguised as the nun, used that to his advantage.  He blackmailed the Pope into giving him the encapsulated hair. Once the demon had what he wanted, he broke away from the Church in the Nun’s body.  

The demon began using the Locks of Christ to perform miracles.  These were miracles not seen since the days the Messiah was on Earth and since John, the last apostle had died.  Many people followed her and proclaimed her to be a messiah of her own, but the demon only conspired to steal souls for Lucifer.  The church would not allow this to be written into history, which is why you will not find an account of her unless you dig really, really deep.  It had nothing to do with the demon stealing souls. They didn’t know any better. In their haughtiness, they refused to believe than any messiah could be female.  

I’m not sure how or why, but eventually the demon left the Nun.  In a strange twist of events, the hair was allowed to remain with the Nun.  It was that no part of the body of Christ has ever been allowed to travel into Hell.  He is worthy of so much more. The demon put confusion magic on the poor nun before leaving her body behind.  She did not remember where she had come from or what she was doing, only that she was lost. She ended up settling down, not as a nun but as a mid-wife in hospital.  She married and had children. She always kept the hair only because her heart told her there was some kind of significance to it.  

It wasn’t until much later in life that she was visited by the Archangel Raphael who opened her eyes and allowed her to see, telling her that she needed to create bloodline along which the hair could be passed.  That’s why she was allowed to remain under her confusion spell. However, once it was lifted, she was able to see everything that had happened in her life. She realized that the power that she held was extremely sacred and must be guarded appropriately.  So, she pulled her eldest daughter aside and using the Locks of Christ allowed her to see how important her role was in keeping this power consecrated and secret. Her daughter agreed and thus started a long line of women who passed the hair down from generation to generation.  

I wish that I had an itinerary that would allow me to see what this piece went through every step of the way, but I don’t.  In fact, other than its beginnings and then when this piece resurfaced in the 1800s, the whereabouts of the Locks fo Christ and its capsule remains ambiguous to me.  However, the power and magic have survived to today, because it has been guided by the Holy Ghost. After all, the hair was used to call the Holy Ghost to the Upper Room.  God would not be quick to abandon magic like that.  

The story for this piece actually jump a few hundred years and the Locks of Christ re-emerge in the Victorian Era.  The bloodline of the nun is alive and well and I’m going to assume the ancestors of the woman who the creation of this piece used the Locks of Christ to perform miracles for the world, albeit secretly.  It was one Mary Matilda that finally had enough of the Locks of Christ being stowed away in a capsule, unable to be used. Of course, this broke away from the traditional and Orthodox way of utilizing the Locks of Christ.  Then again with Mary Matilda, a lot of things changed.  

No longer was the magic afforded to the bloodline kept a secret.  That is why I am able to say with confidence that she is the one that sparked the revival of this ring.  She was able to use this piece to create many miracles and to cure many people-- the way it was supposed to be used.  In fact, up until this point, the most that the piece was used was during the plague to cure thousands of people of their illness.  Again, this power was ordered to remain under wraps, so history will not tell you this. However, the bloodline deemed it appropriate at the time simply due to the fact that everybody was dying.  Also, the had to keep the bloodline alive in order to keep the power. The power in this piece was also used to summon the Virgin Mary to appear to the children of Fatima to give them the final secrets of the End of the World.  It was used to call forth the angels (much later) that fought alongside the British Army to defeat the Germans. Otherwise, the world would all be speaking German right now and the Jews would be annihilated. There was a minor war between good and evil that happened in 1983 that nearly ended the world, but didn’t again, thanks to the powers of this piece.     

It is important that the 1800s was a time when the powers in this piece began to grow exponentially.  Not only was the ring used to create miracles, but for the first time, the piece was able to provide personal magic for the person that wore it.  We are not sure exactly why this began happening, but we think that this has something to do with the coming of the End Times. Again, we have no way of knowing for sure.  When we recovered this piece, we also recovered a page from Mary Matilda’s diary. It chronicles her usage of the ring during which she received her transcendence. Again, this ring has only ever started allowing for transcendence since the 1800s and the first person to use this ring to transcend was Mary Matilda.

According to the page from her diary, she was in her quarters one evening having retired for the day.  This was after she had the ring created with the locks of Christ. As she notes, she wasn’t feeling the slightest bit tired, she only wished to leave the people begging her for miracles.  She didn’t mind granting them, but it had become tiring. As she laid with the ring she noted that she began to feel groggy and that is when she closed her eyes for just a moment. When she awakened them, there was a radiant being standing before her.  This was none other than the archangel Gabriel. She was trembling with fear, but when the angel spoke with a voice like thunder telling her to take hold of his robe, her body obliged. In an instant, they were gone from her quarters and she was someplace else.  

She found her self on her knees with her face on the floor and her hands outspread in front of her.  She heard voices singing Hallelujah and Holy Holy Be the Lord God Almighty. As she looked up she saw the base of an enormous throne and upon this throne was a luminescent being.  Around the throne were angels. There were angles on top of angels. Angels everywhere. They surrounded the throne like the crowd surrounded the combatants in the Coliseum. They sang praises and that is when it clicked that she was standing before the throne.  She began to tremble but a warm voice like the gushing of a gale wind spoke to her and told, “be not afraid.” At this God bent down from his throne.  

He bent all the way down from his throne until he was eye level with her.  God had not one face, but he had faces of many. He was not only being, but he was many beings.  It was confusing to her. His eyes danced wildly like flames and he had thousands of them. Through the flames, she could see all things that were happening at once.  She knew all things that were happening not only on our Earth but in the entire universe. She looked directly into the face of God and was given the entirety of His knowledge.  It overwhelmed her and then deep within her body she felt something pop.  

From deep within she could feel herself falling, falling, falling away.  In these brief moments she saw her entire life flash before her eyes. From the time she was a baby coming out her womb to the time she was 5 years old when she fell down and skinned her knee.  From her very first sexual encounter to the birth of her very own daughter. From all the sadness she ever felt to happiness beyond belief. She saw everything that she ever was. Then she saw all the lives of all the women who ever owned the Locks of Christ.  She saw all the miracles that they performed, but she was the first-ever to have this experience. After she was taken to the beginning of all time and shown the progression of existence and how God created the heavens and the Earth. She saw all the times that passed and was given knowledge of all things.  Then she saw a great fire and she inched ever closer and did not burn.  

She inched closer and closer to the fire and was not consumed.  She emerged from the flame not where she had started from, but in her quarters once more.  From that point forward she noticed that things were different. She had achieved transcendence and she lived with the authority of God.  She could create her own white light power and magic. She would literally hold dialogue with God in her head who showed her the way and guided her along her path, giving her whatever she wanted.  She held authority over all the angels and summoned them at her own will. She could leave her body to travel at will to anywhere she wanted to go. She could cleanse and purify with the flame of the Holy Ghost and all magic on Earth obeyed her, including dark and white magic.  There was nothing she could not do and nothing she did and nothing she didn’t know. She even knew stuff she didn’t know she knew, including how to create rogue powers she never even heard of.  

We came across this piece because Deedee was led to this piece by an angel who gave her a vision.  Long story short, while on an investigation in Europe, she was led to a house with a fire in progress and told by the angel to enter the building and she wouldn’t be harmed.  She obliged and when she did, the angel showed her that the descendant of the bloodline of this ring was killed in a demonic attack. It wasn’t the ring that gave her away, it was the bloodline she belonged to.  In other words, you have nothing to worry about. The angel showed Deedee the ring and we have been testing it for years now. There was only one other lady who received transcendence with this ring. Her name was Alice and she lived in late 19th Century Britain   Her experience was slightly different, but her powers were the same. Deedee used this piece and was stopped short of completing total transcendence.

However,  Deedee has seen the future of this piece and she knows that the next person who receives this piece is going to receive that Transcendence.  She even has this narrowed down to a few people who she thinks it might be. This piece is extremely powerful. Again, it is a Victorian-era 15k Gold antique ring.  It was made with the Locks of Christ-- his authentic hair. When you wear this piece you are going to achieve Transcendence. Maybe you won’t experience it right away, because you need to bond with the item.  That is totally normal. It took Deedee a little while to make headway as well. However, when the moment finally happens you will achieve the deep Transcendence that will allow you to visit Heaven and see the Face of God, which not many can do, even in spiritual form.  The angels can’t even look upon the Face of God!

With this Transcendence, you will be privy to the white light powers of God.  You will share His knowledge and His magic. You will be able to see through His eyes and to know what He knows.  You will command and control the forces and the magic of the world. All of the past saints and kings and prophets will live through you-- Moses, Noah, Abraham, Elijah, Elisha, Solomon, David, Abraham, Methusalen-- all of them!!  You will be able to use any of the powers or magic. You will be able to confer with them for your knowledge. You will command angels. You will create miracles. You will be an authority on Earth. Darkness and evil will not stop.  You will cast away demons with a glance. Jesus will walk with you and the Holy Ghost will guide you. You will become a living emanation of God’s power on Earth. This is the Transcendence and this is what you will get with this piece.   

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