Vintage Necklace;  Castle of Djinn and a Dozen Djinn of Your Own
Vintage Necklace;  Castle of Djinn and a Dozen Djinn of Your Own
Vintage Necklace;  Castle of Djinn and a Dozen Djinn of Your Own

Vintage Necklace; Castle of Djinn and a Dozen Djinn of Your Own

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My mother always told, "believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see."  I've pretty much lived my life by that mantra, which is why when I tell you that there are places on Earth that are not what they seem, I want you to believe me.  It's not even that they have been hidden by the Illuminati, which is the case with the brilliant and energetic capstones of the pyramids.  Rather, these are naturally occurring places on land that server alternate purposes.  

Take, for instance, the Empty Quarter, also called Rubal Khali.  It is an expansive desert in the southeastern interior of the Arabian Peninsula.  It is the largest continuous body of sand on the entire planet.  Somewhere in the desert are the boundaries between Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Yemen, although nobody really knows where these boundaries are because it is a taxing endeavor to travel through the desert.  

The desert is dry and arid, only home to camels, a few nomads per year, and other types of small animals and insects that lie there.  Other than that, the place is barren.  It has dried and shriveled up, but not for no reason at all.  Rubal Khali is part of the Earth that serves as a place of overlapping realms and realities.  While all we see on this plane of existing is a sprawling expanse of desert, if we had the necessary level of consciousness, we'd be able to see what is known as the City of Djinn. This place is officially known as Djinnabad and is ruled over by classes of djinn called the Mazzikim (not be confused with the Mazzikin, which are evil spirits) and Peris.  These are not the same classes of djinn that were brought to Earth by King Solomon.  They are much more powerful and can alter reality and existence entirely.  How do you think the Empty Quarter became empty in the first place? The create it that way.  

The piece that we are offering has come from Djinnabad, the city of djinn.  Within this city of Djinn are all types of entities. Most of them are djinn, but there are other traveling entities and souls that live there, too.  This piece that we have is a djinn castle.  Inside of it are contained a dozen different types of djinn that hold 12 ancient types of magic that will grant you 12 different powers.  We received this piece as a parting gift after we came upon Djinnabad during an astral journey.  They received us with open arms.  Yes, there are evil djinn, but these djinn, as I have said, are entirely different.  They treated us with respect and sent us home with this very magical item.  

The djinn that live inside of this piece are ancient.  They are cream of the crop djinn who have been fully matured and are the best in their class.  They use only the strongest magic of their kind.  When you own this piece they are all yours!  Here are the following 12 types of djinn that you will own when you get this piece:  

Golden Mazzikim Djinn:  Brings Extreme Wealth to the Owner

Purple Peri Djinn:  Brings Highly Advanced Spiritual enlightenment to the owner

Blue Mazzikim Djinn:  Brings the ability to summon any kind of entity.  

Yellow Mazzikim Djinn:  The ability to not only see, but also change the future.

Silver Peri Djinn:  Grants powers over the lifecycles

Blue Peri Djinn:  Grants the ability to communicate with spirits and souls of all types

Green Mazzikim Djinn:  The ability to cast spells simply by thinking of them in your mind.  

Black Mazzikim Djin-- This sounds evil, but it actually holds a neutralizing power that will rid your life of evil and disallow it to return

Pink Peri Djinn-- Provides spiritual cleansing and enhancement, the opening of the 3rd Eye and the acquisition of psychic abilities

Green Peri Djinn--  Provides a deep connection to nature and all of the powers that are associated with just nature and the magic that the energies in nature can provide.  

Changeling Djinn-- This djin is a master at shapeshifting and will allow you to take any form you wish to take on whatever form you choose to take, but only on the astral plane.  

Red Mazzikim Djinn-- This djinn holds the ability to grant your wishes.  Plain and simple.  


Instructions-- Simply meditate while wearing the necklace and calling out to the type of djinn that you want.  It will appear to you in a hazy colored cloud that corresponds to the color in its name.  You will then ask for its power and it will bestow it upon you.  

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