Vintage Sterling and Crystal Necklace:  The Dropping of Seven Veils
Vintage Sterling and Crystal Necklace:  The Dropping of Seven Veils
Vintage Sterling and Crystal Necklace:  The Dropping of Seven Veils
Vintage Sterling and Crystal Necklace:  The Dropping of Seven Veils
Vintage Sterling and Crystal Necklace:  The Dropping of Seven Veils

Vintage Sterling and Crystal Necklace: The Dropping of Seven Veils

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This piece tells the story of an ancient magic that there really isn't much known about. This is a powerful magic that sent into this world by the likes of the immortals that rule the afterlife. It is a magic that is so powerful that it persuaded King Herod II to deliver his step-daughter the head of the John the Baptist. Yes, we have covered this before, but not nearly in-depth as the experience we had with this piece. Prior to this we knew that the Dance of the Seven Veils performed by Salome for King Herod was something that triggered a great enlightenment. However, we never really fully understand why. Also, different people had different experiences with the Dance of the Seven Veils. This piece gives more information. It also gives the powers behind each one of the seven veils. There is a reason why Herod II wanted this dance to be dancced at his birthday and why he agreed to give Salome anything she wanted for dancing it.

It has always been clear that the Dance of the Seven Veils is of Gypsy origin. In acquiring this piece we have now learned that while anybody can perform the dance, it takes a very special person to be able to actually achieve any real results from it. This person has to be of the bloodline of the Antichrist. This bloodline has been established by Satan on Earth as a way to make a sacrilegious mocker of the bloodline of Christ. Satan will have his Unholy Trinity just as God has his Holy Trinity and the bloodline of the AntiChrist has been well established. Salome was of this bloodline, which is why she had such success with peforming the dance. She didn't know it at the time, but this truly is the reason why. It wasn't until after her first dancing that she realized the power that she had. After that she was visited by dark spirits to help her perfect the dance, which she did for many other people.

How do we know all this? We were given a crash course in Dance of the Seven Veils 101 when we were given this piece. This piece was once a part of a collection dedicated to Old Testament Magic in the secret confines and archives beneath the Vatican. We got this piece from an Archbishop who wishes to defect from the church because he realizes how apostate they have become. Naturally, we aren't going to give up his name, so pleas do not email us asking who gave us this because we aren't going to tell you. It is to protect his identity and the movement that he is making around the world. He is the one that gave us this piece and he is the one that explained it to us. He is in experet in religious occult studies and accordingly has provided us with the information that we needed. Why has he chosen us to receive this piece? It was honestly just luck. He has chosen many organizations around the globe to receive pieces that he smuggles out of the Vatican. This just happens to be the one that he chose for us. There's nothing magical about the selection process.

This piece is astounding. When using it you are going to wear it while you meditate. I know you what you are thinking. "Meditate? Why do all of your items say you have to meditate?" That's a no-brainer. Meditation puts you in state of consciouness that allows you to connect to the magic in pieces. In a latered state of consciousness you let go of your mortal properites and become more suggestible to metaphysical empowerment. That is why a lot of our items are used with meditation. If you don't want to meditate, then you probably shouldn't be using magic. Anyway, when you meditate you will allow your mind to wonder as you do, you will begin to experience the magic of this piece for yourself. Now, everyone's experience will likely be slightly different, but they will all be the same in the amount of power and the kinds of power that this piece will offer you. First things first, the Seven Veils refer to seven ancient forms of magic that are given during the dance, but only by somebody who is of the bloodline of the Antichrist-- like Salome. Below is my own experience with the piece.

I sat down with the piece and began to meditate. I allowed my mind to drift and as I did I was taken away to an other time and place. There was a fire place off to the right of me and a long table adjacent to the fireplace. On the table there was a feast. Food of all kinds and there were men dressed in robes sitting at the table. They smoked pikes and laughed heartily. It only took a few seconds to realize that these men were so happy because they were consuming wine from a fine golden chalice. I couldn't tell exactly what was being said because they were speaking in a language that I did not understand. However, I could tell from their body language and their applause that they were pleased when a young girl, no older than the age of 15 or 16 was ushered into the room and ordered to dance. It was clear to me at that point that the dancer was Salome and the dance that she was performing was thaf of the Seven Veils, for right as she started her dance strange things began to happen.

From the fire place a dark entity crept into the room. It was evident that neither Herod or his crew were able to see this creature. Nor could Salome see the creature, but I could. I watched as the entity crept into the body of Salome, possessing her, and causing her to shake feverishly. The men were wild with applause. As the creature continued the dance under the guise of the young Salome, her body contorted in ways that I never even knew were possible. She danced with a fiery passion and a rage unlike anything I've ever seen as the creature took control of her body and called unto his brethren. Now, the dance of the seven veils involves the conjuring of dark spirits to grant fierce magic. These forms of magic are not black magic, but they are dual magic and they can be used in any way the user intend to use them. I just thought I'd be very clear about that, so everyone knows that this is not white light fluffy stuff. These powers can be used in a dark manner, as they have come from dark origins. However, they can be used in a white light manner if that is how you want to use them.

The Dance of the Seven Veils is called the Dance of the Seven Veils, because there are seven veils removed from the dancers face during the dance that are thrown aside. However, in Salome's version of the seven veils something different happend. As she threw aside her veils, the veil was transformed into a magnificent creature. The eyes of the men in attendance nearly bulged out of their head when they saw what had happened. Salome simply pointed at the creature. The creature itself was beautiful in appearance with flesh that sparkled like diamonds in the sunlight. Their eyes were blue like placid lakes and they smelled like sweet incense. Their mere presence was intoxicating. Salome's pointing must have been an order for the men to touch the creature because one by one they got up and touched the creature and it was clear that they were pleased with the results. This is because the creature was emitting a sacred magic into them that became a part of their body. As Salome dropped her next six veil, six more creatures appeared and the men in attendance hovered around the creatures, placing their hands on the creatures with the urgency of a bunch o drug addicts waiting for their next hit.

Each of the veils that were thrown dropped the veil of an ancient magic that was absored by the men in attendance of the dance simply by laying their hands on the beings that appeared to them. You might be asking yourself, "If they are dark spirits why did they appear like that?" Well, a lot of times dark spirits, even demons show up as beautiful creatures and this is to deceive the people that they are appearing to. Here's the thing-- by accepting the Dance of the Seven Veils and the powers that come along with it, these men were essentially bonding their souls to the Devil. They had no clue, but it didn't matter. Not to worry though, this piece has been developed in such a way that you will be able to experience the powers of the Dance of the Seven Veils WITHOUT ever having to sell your soul. That is another thing that makes this piece so powerful. It defies the odds and allows you to receive the magic of the seven veils without having to oblige the devil with a soul. This is a very rare opportunity.

As the veils were dropped and the creatures lined for the men in attendance of the dance, I also received the powers of the Seven Veils. These powers are seven ancient forms of magic that will allow you to acquire some very powerful magic. When using this piece it will be like seven veils have been dropped and from behind these veils seven very powerful magical forms will appear. They will become yours and you will be able to use them in whatever ways you desire. It really is an enlightenment simply because the presence of these seven forms of magica are so powerful. I'm sure you are dying to know what these seven ancient veils will reveal to you, so let me just get right to it. Below are a list of the seven veils that will dropped and the powers that will be give unto you when using this piece. It has already been described how you will use it, so there is nothing left for me to write other than the seven veils and what these powers mean. Here it goes.

1.) Veil of Infinite Knowledge- This gives the infinite knowledge of universe as contained in the Cosmic Eye. There is nothing that you won't know when opening yourself up to this knowledge. It is literally like eating the Fruit of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden.

2.) Veil of Divine Wealth- This veil opens up the powers of divine wealth to you. This is not only wealth in the sense of bringing you extreme mortal wealth for your mortal existence, but also spiritual wealth for the afterlife.

3.) Veil of Carnal Desire- This veil has everything to do with lust, desire, and passion. This is more of a gift from the gods that allows you to experience intense and heightened sexuality including astral orgasms and full-body orgasms.

4.) Veil of Deification- This veil has the ability to rearranged your mortal DNA and allow you to manifest yourself as a demi-God in the realm of the mortals. This means that you can create your own powers, magic, and abilities. These will be create by a simply thoughfrom that you will project into reality. Godhood comes with other perks, too. You'll understand once you have achieved this ability.

5.) Veil of All Times- This is the veil that allows you to travel in time to many different places. It opens up, inside of your mind, a great Hall of Records through which you can see all things that have happened in the past and through which you will be able to see all things that are yet to come. This includes the ability to see and visit things from the past as well as receive visions of things that are going to happen in the future.

6.) Veil of Destinies- This veil will show you the destinies of both yourself and others. It will also give you the ability to change those destinies as you see fit. This veil could quite possibly be the most powerful of them all. The ability change a destiny doesn't come easy, so the fact that this piece allows you to do that is pretty impressive.

7. Veil of the Eternal- Simply put, this veil allows you to become immortal. Like the characters in the Bible that have lived to be 1,000+ years old, this piece allows you to age, but to become an immortal. It also gives you the ability to be able to take a new body after each 150 years if you want to. However, this piece also allows you to preserve youth, strenght, and vitality so that while your body may age, it will be like you haven't aged a year.

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