Vlad Tepes' Blood Creations

Vlad Tepes' Blood Creations

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We all know that Vlad Tepes was one of the most powerful vampires to ever exist.  He was not created by a vampire bite or any kind of magic.  He holds the original bloodline of the original vampires.  As such, any vampire that he has created automatically gets the power of this bloodline.  

Fast-forward hundreds of years and this piece has been made by a vampire hunter, whose sole purpose is hunting down the bloodline of Vlad Tepes.  There are a band of 8 of these hunters who own an underground bunker known as the reliquary.  It is at the reliquary that they keep the artifacts that they create using the magic of the bloodline creations of Vlad Tepes.  

This piece holds the existence of one of Vlad Tepes' many offspring.  When you wear this piece, the energy from the blood beating in your heart will enliven the vampire entity that has been trapped inside.  When he awakes, he will still be trapped but he will bring you all the powers of being a sanguine vampire.  These are many and you probably already know what they are, but they include superhuman abilities like speed, agility, and strength, mind-control, psychic powers such as the ability to read minds, so on and so forth.  

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