Voodoo Flower Power
Voodoo Flower Power

Voodoo Flower Power

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Remember that part in the Bible that you probably slept through in Sunday School that's about this person begat that person and the other person begat that person and so on and so on. Well, in a similar way Annie Palmer was married to somebody who inherited some very handsome properties in Jamaica. The two properties were bequeathed to John Palmer who was the grandnephew of the man who originally built the two plantations.

In other passings, Annie Patters was born of an English mother and an Irish father. She relocated to Haiti when she was just ten years old. There, she learned Voodoo magic from her Haitian nanny. Her parents later died of Yellow Fever. Annie was left to be raised by her Haitian nanny. Under her the continued tutelage of her nanny, Annie Patterson became a Voodoo queen. She moved from Haiti in search of a wealthy husband in Jamaica. Here she found John Palmer to whom she was wed shortly after. Of course, it had nothing much to do with love and all to do with the fact that she had him under the influence of some juju her nanny had made her.

It wasn't long after they were wed that Annie tired of John and began taking slaves as lovers. When John found out he beat her with a riding crop. Bad move, John. Bad move. You don't go around beating a Voodoo witch with anything. The next day he was found dead. No questions were asked. No charges were ever filed. Annie became the sole owner of the Rose Hall estate, one of two that John had inherited.

Now, if you think Madame Delphine LaLurie was bad, you've evidently never heard of Annie Palmer. She took slaves as lovers and when she tired of them she'd kill them or have them buried alive. She's cut them open and used their blood in Voodoo rituals. That is where the power of this piece comes into play. There is lots more to know about Annie Palmer and you can research her if you desire. However, the power form this piece has come from the slave spirits that were murdered by Annie Palmer.

This necklace holds five Voodoo flowers. It has been empowered by Annie Palmer in her spirit form, as we contacted her through a seance to make this piece. This piece is the epitome of powerful. Each flower holds a spirit that is imprisoned there until you get this piece. You will not contact this spirit, you will not even know the spirit is there. However, the energy in the spirit is what gives you the power. When you get the necklace you will choose five voodoo powers that you want to be able to keep forever. They can wealth or revenge, the ability raise the dead, or any other power you can think. You will call out a power for each flower while holding it between finger and thumb.

As you call out the power, Annie Palmer will grant the power to that flower. You will move on to the next and do the same thing. All five must be called out in succession at the same time. If you don't call out a power of one or more flowers at that time, the spirit is freed and you lose your chance. These powers will be yours for the keeping and you can cast them whenever you want without having to do any type of ritual or process at all. Annie figured this was a good way for her to keep her magic alive and going-- or should we say she was convinced. Either way, this piece is very powerful.

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