VooDoo King/Queen Transformation

VooDoo King/Queen Transformation

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This transformation is for those with a love and connection to the practice known commonly as Voodoo. Voodoo has it roots in Haiti and then into the New World but they also go deeper still into the African continent. Many people acknowledge the connection to the Yoruba people, but it is to the Fon people of Benin that the line may be found to be post powerful

This transformation is an amalgamation of the “voodoo” tree, leaves, branches, roots and all.

You will be transformed into a living voodoo King/Queen who draws forth his/her power from the entire tree.

You will be empowered to practice all forms of voodoo as well as developing your own personal style. Every bit of voodoo knowledge is given and none is held back.

You will be tied to the loa or lwa, the spirits of the voodoo pantheon.

You will be empowered to call any of them forth and to work with their specialized areas of magic.

A special connection will be made to Papa Legba, the Keeper of the Crossroads to ensure he guides you in your work. Legba is traditionally called forth when undertaking a new task, magic or ceremony.

Additionally, the power of three special voodoo souls of the new world will be infused into you:

Marie Laveau– the well-known voodoo queen of New Orleans, her magical power will be infused into your DNA and her skills, knowledge and power accessible by you.

Rollo Ahmed- A lesser known but equally powerful magician his knowledge not just of voodoo but many forms of ritual magic will be yours

Madame LaLaurie- Another well-known voodoo queen of New Orleans, her magic held a raw power brought on by blood-based practices. You will not require bloodletting to access her encyclopedia of power, but can freely access her energy and knowledge.

Additional energies can be placed within, connecting to other African practices such as Obeah, Palo Mayombe, Quimbanda, etc.

Now is the time to choose to walk the earth with the loa, reborn as a Voodoo King/Queen!

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