Voodoo Soul Collector

Voodoo Soul Collector

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Pieces like this one only come along once a great while, so if you are into it you better hurry up and get this one before somebody else snatches it up-- and trust me, they will. This piece is kind of like a Voodoo Nurse Bette, except she steals the patients' souls. Okay, well it's actually nothing like Nurse Bette. She is a nurse, though. She also happens to be an immortal Voodoo high priestess. She knows that taking the souls of her patients probably isn't the right thing to do, but she does it anyway. Why does she do it? Because with each soul she is able to create a power. These are obviously Voodoo spells that are created. Souls hold a high energy level which makes it easy for her to turn them into Voodoo magic. It's not like she steals the souls of the living. She at least waits until they are dead. Who knows? Those souls could have been on their way to eternal damnation, anyway? Maybe she was saving them.

Whatever the case may be, she has created this piece. It holds nine souls-- one for each gem that you see on this. It also has been hexed by a Voodoo spell that allows you to turn these souls into powers. Well, they aren't really souls, but more like soul energies that you turn into power. Either way, you are able to grant yourslef 9 Voodoo powrs that you didn't have before. These can be any 9 Voodoo powers that you can think of. You have to choose them all at the same time and you will set the power into them by holding it between your thumb and you index finger and simply stating out loud what you want it to be. It's that simple, but oh so powerful. If you like Voodoo then this is the one for you!

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