Voodoo Spell Caster

Voodoo Spell Caster

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You've heard of the "Big Easy", now get ready to meet the "Little Easy". Yes, I'm being serious. This isn't one of those "you've heard of Elf on the Shelf," jokes. The "little easy' refers to Mobile Alabama, which prior to New Orleans was the hub of the South. It has adopted the same type of Laissez Faire attitude with life and they were actually the first city in the South to celebrate Mardi Gras. This means that they also have very powerful VOodoo witches amongst them. It is from one of those Mobile Voodoo Witches that we got this piece. This piece Voodoo magic at its finest and has been by a very powerful Voodoo Priestess who goes by the name Madame La Rouge. I'm not even sure what her first name is, because when we met her on the way to New Orleans, it's the only thing I've ever called her.

This is a Voodoo casting piece. It has slits for you to insert somebody's hair. This could be your own hair or somebody else's hair. It doesn't matter which, although if you are casting a spell on somebody in secret you might have to work for it. Either way, this piece will work on yourself or others. when using this piece, you will position the hair so that way it is sticking through the slits on the item. You will then mentally project whatever it is you would like to be cast upon the person to whom the hair belongs. The Voodoo gods intervene from there and they will see to it that this spell is cast accordingly. This piece is super powerful because it allows you to cast anything. As long as you can turn it into a thought form (which, anything can be turned into a thought form), this piece can cast it.

SO how would you use this piece if you got it? You use your own hair and cast a spell, for luck, fame, wealth, or beauty. Maybe you could cast an astral travel spell? Whatever kind of magic it is that you want to experience, really. You can cast those things upon other people too if you want to. Or, you cast revenge, dissent, bad luck, or a bad love life upon those who have cheated you or done you wrong. Like I've said, you can use this piece to cast anything or notion that you can turn into a thought form. As per usual, this piece is not allowed to cast immortality or death. We disallowed it. As far as anything else you want, this piece is fair game.

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