Walkers of Fire Crown | STAR
Walkers of Fire Crown | STAR

Walkers of Fire Crown | STAR

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The Fire Crown is a special society that really only consists of one type of occultist. They generally do not allow those with inferior abilities or power capabilities to enter their ranks. There is a certain expectation - they are very selective - over what they do and do not allow in terms of members. They also do not recruit people. People find them, they go through a trial and they are either accepted, enlightened, empowered and eventually transcended into a near-state of immortal power or they are psychologically picked apart for their knowledge of the location of the society, which is wiped out before being sent away.

This piece is similar to the one given to new members upon initiation but it is different. Items like these are usually the first 'gift' from the 'Crown' bestowed upon those who prove themselves worthy enough to become accepted. However, what makes this piece different is the fact that it is given to people who have no directly attempted to 'try out' for a place among the ranks. As said before, the society does not go out looking for people but they do occasionally catch wind of very intellectual or promising individuals of power. It is even more rare than being accepted after trying out but when it does happen, a higher Walker - a transcended member of the society - will seek the person out and attempt to pull them in. This is the piece they present them and attempt to persuade them with. The power it contains is said to be specifically designed to feed any thirst for power but it is not explicitly known for certain.

We had two of these but only tested one because it only works on one person and then that person becomes the only one the piece will answer to afterwards. The piece we tested granted us the three things we asked for without delay. I asked for extreme wealth, angelic perception and full third eye opening. What I received was indeed extreme wealth. The angelic perception is unlike anything I can fully express. It is like a very high form of awareness I have encountered personally. It sets the bar and leaves nothing to the imagination. The third eye opening is also no joke. I have always had a very solid tether with my third eye but I've also known that it wasn't fully opened either. The power that came from this item was unlike anything I have ever experienced. The power gained was so extreme that it was actually more than what I knew what to do with. The world is almost a completely different place with a completely opened third eye. I've only just barely gotten used to it and it's been over six months since I've originally tested this piece...

For you, this piece requires activation that you must do yourself. You must gather a series of three candles and three pieces of old parchment or aged paper - it does not matter which you choose, it's whatever is most convenient. You will then take a small amount of blood, mix it together and heat it up only slightly - do not let it point. It only needs to be warm to the touch to simulate the same temperature the blood would be if it were fresh from the veins of the animal. Any type of blood will do as long as it is not human and it is the blood of at least 3 different animals - you can get these at the grocery store from steak or other meat. You do not need to go out and butcher animals. In fact, we don't recommend it at all. Just don't do it. You will then require a writing utensil. Anything you can write with is fine - you can even use your finger if that is what you want but the writing must be able to fit upon the piece of paper on one side.

Write on each piece of paper one thing you desire. You will have three total in the end. This can be anything you want. If it is a specific power, write it on the paper. If it is a person, write their first and last name. If it is a transformation, if it is communication with a certain spirit, if it is wealth, miracles - whatever it may be - it doesn't matter. Wish freely and write one thing upon each piece of paper and don't forget to make sure it can at least fit on one side. It does not need to be legible.

You will then place the pieces of paper beneath each candle and then light the wicks of the candles. This will activate a ritual, which you will need to complete. Place the ring on the end of a knife whose tip has been shallowly dipped in the same blood you used to write your three desires. Then you will slowly pass the piece over each flame, allowing the flame to just barely touch it before moving on. There should be minimal contact and it should only happen for about a second per passing. This opens the ring up to the power that you will be instill in the piece.

Next, you will remove, one at a time, each paper from beneath their respective candles and hold them over the flames. This will instill and conjure your desires into the flame. Once the entirety of the paper has been burned, blow out the candles one at a time. Before blowing out the next candle, hold the piece over one candle and allow the smoke to pass over the ring. Repeat this process for all three candles to instill the power into the ring. This full activates your piece and allows you to acquire whatever was written upon the paper.

This piece is 14 carot gold overlay. The fire of the Fire Crown can be seen in the stone. We are pretty sure it's a size 10.

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