War of the Underground | STAR
War of the Underground | STAR
War of the Underground | STAR
War of the Underground | STAR

War of the Underground | STAR

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This item was discovered alongside the one we found for our listing called the '7th Alliance' and it is related one way or another. There has been a lot of disturbance across the primary societies since Hillary Clinton failed to get elected. There are a lot of protests going on, a lot of chaotic crap that is causing a global disturbance. You wouldn't believe just how many people, how many societies and how many plans were revolving around the idea of Hillary Clinton getting elected president. She would have been in a position to not only selectively pass, conceal or push certain laws to benefit these societies but she would have also had access to information that the groups, despite the thousands of connections they already have, they still don't have access to.

There's a war going on as a result of this not coming to pass. A lot of alliances have been broken and a lot of new groups and arrangements have been formed in an attempt to compensate for the loss. What is even worse to think about is that it is affecting multiple realms as well. There has been an enormous halt on much of the underground circulation. In fact, the priorities of these societies have drastically shifted.

Around last week, there was a meeting among the top five societies. The Freemasons, the Illuminati, the Bilderberg Group, the Knights Templar and the Skull and Bones Club collected to discuss how they are to move forward. In case you didn't know, we will confirm here and now that Hillary Clinton was a part of 3 of the 5 but still influential overall 5 by association. They have condensed a lot of their operations and are currently in the process of removing unnecessary elements of their groups. Needless to say, they are certainly a lot less confidence than they were a few months ago. They had been a little too confident in Hillary's election.

That being said, the removal of unnecessary elements does include Hillary herself. She has been removed from these groups as she is no longer useful. That is why she is showing an astounding lack of life. She even appears vaguely older if you look at her as well. She has been stripped of her protection, her power and her association toward the groups. She had been in possession of a great deal of power that had been fed to her by the groups as compensation for her movement. They had supplied her with generally anything and everything she requested because of what she was so close to accomplishing and what she would have been able to supply them with had she succeeded.

During this meeting, a primary topic of discussion was the New World Order. It has been significantly delayed. It was supposed to take place over the next couple of years - you can only imagine how frustrated they are. The five groups have been very closely knit. The war has been coming to pass due to the fact that they are cutting a lot of ties and leaving smaller societies to fend for themselves.

By the end of this meeting, they had decided to conduct a ritual, which is meant to solidify the new unifying of the top five oldest and most powerful societies. We believe they are doing this as a last resort. They have taken several of their most powerful and intellectual members and ascended into higher positions. It is a very powerful, dangerous and dark ritual that most do not survive. This is the piece - the result - of the successful mass ritual that is required to succeed in this.

It is almost entirely dual magic and can be used to draw magic from outsiders and manifest it into one place, empowering it almost 10 fold. Those who possess a piece like this are usually encouraged to have sex with spirits or otherworldly entities, from whom they will leech power and magic permanently, eventually until they succeed in killing the spirit or entity. However, that is not what you will need to do - it's unnecessary and they do it to cut loose ends. You will gain power by minimal exposure. The more exposure, however, the more you will gain. You will benefit even more from connecting with spirits, entities or empowered beings. You can also benefit from the likes of creatures like vampires if that is what you wish to do. Anything that possesses power or magic, you can gain it. That is what makes this piece so powerful and why they have taken to create them. They are desperate and they are trying to compensate for the position they have been put in.

This is a living breathing entity that generates power from its surroundings. You will gain new abilities continuously. You will know psychically the powers you have gained.

Due to this, it is unlikely that items like these will be accessible for much longer because they do plan on creating pieces that can no longer be used by mortals to solidify their power. If you are immortal, that obviously doesn't affect you but if you are, you may not want to pass up on this piece. The opportunity will likely not be here for long.

This piece is 14-carat solid gold, the stone is always changing as the power of the entity changes. It is difficult to capture the essences of the stone due to how much it is changing, which is why the pictures simply don't do it justice.

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