Watchers of Santa Lucia
Watchers of Santa Lucia

Watchers of Santa Lucia

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This piece contains he presence of a group of entities who are known as the Santa Lucia Watchers.  Over the years there have been several people who have had run-ins with the group, but nobody seems to be able to accurately identify who exactly the Watchers are.  All that is known is that they come out at sunset to watch the world.  
Sightings of these Watchers comes from the areas of the rugged mountains that run from Southwest from Monterrey, all the way to San Luis Obispo.  Apart from not know who the watchers are, nobody seems to know what the watchers are looking for either.  They creep out at twilight, stand on a rock, and lurk in the shadows, the whole while gazing into the starlit universe.  
An investigation into the presence of the watchers, done on our behalf, has concluded that these watchers are an ancient star people who gaze into space to gain their powers and abilities from an ancient harmonic resonance that resounds through the orbiting of the stars, planets, and other spacebound objects.  This power allows the watchers to create their own magic through these powers.  They have already become immortal using their powers and they have created even more power than this.  Their powers have been used to build many star temples of the ancient Inca and Aztec.
The Watchers are immortal and they have been watching since the beginning of time.  They were dropped of on Earth in order to share the intergalactic secret messages that they have been endowed with, to the human race.  So, this is what they do.  They make contact with those humans who they feel can handle the powers that they have to offer.  Until then these watchers only come out at night, on occasion.  This is why while there has been sightings of the watchers, nobody has ever really been able to gain solid proof of their existence.  
This piece defies the odds.  Like I said, this investigation was done by a partner we have in South America.  This piece holds the presence of one of the Watchers, who was conjured into this piece.  With the presence of your own Watcher, you will be given a secret knowledge of ancient star maps of the universe that will tell you where certain powers have been hidden.  In order to gain the knowledge of these power and abilities, all you will have to do is gaze at the stars and the magic will be shown to.  You will project the power and ability that you want into your mind and the star sequence will be given to you, allowing you to gain that power/ability.  

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