Wealth Incarnate, Gift of the Goddess
Wealth Incarnate, Gift of the Goddess

Wealth Incarnate, Gift of the Goddess

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There are two types of people in this world.  There are the haves.  Then there are the have-nots.  The have-nots typically spend their lives wishing that they were in the position of the haves.  Why?  Because they are the ones that are the elitist 1% that controls the money and ultimately the rest of the world.  You see, society breeds this image into our brains that if you follow your dreams and if you do really good at life, you will eventually end up at the other end of the rainbow, with your pot of gold, where all your dreams will have come true.  This is no where near the truth, because we have been born into a society where the real money remains at the top and they do what they can to keep it there.  By they, of course, I mean the ones that have it in the first place.  Sure, some people might make a few buck along the way, but you also have to consider that most of your precious darlings that you hear belting out tunes on the radio and see pretending to be other people on the silver screen are simply money-making decoys.  They are positioned where they are on purpose, to mind control the public into thinking that if you work really hard, you'll become the next Michael Jackson or Brad Pitt.  

So, then you might ask how does one become part of the 1%?   There surely has to be a way that you can become a part of the elite?  Typically there is not, but I'd be lying if I said it hasn't ever been done. It begins with a loyalty to the secret sex magic and Satanic rituals that are done, in secret, by the people who rule our world.  I'm talking about the Bilderberg meetings and the Bohemian Grove meetings, and all other sorts of secret meetings during which, these massive sex rituals are performed.  You see, sex has long been known to rouse the presence of the gods.  It releases an energy so fierce that during sex even the most unmagical of people can gain abilities that they can only dream of.  Multiply this by a few hundred and you have the massive sex orgies that go on at these secret meetings.  

You know we have all kinds of interesting magical pieces.  This is how recently, we were able to get one our investigators to one of their meetings, in cognito of course.  He actually used the magic to appear as the ever-famous Tom Cruise, which is kind of ironic because he played a role in a movie about Illuminati rituals, which is even more ironic because that's how he became famous in the first place.  Anyway, this ritual took place outside of... wait for it... Topeka, Kansas.  It seems like the most unlikely place, which I guess works in their favor, because they don't want people knowing where there meeting are.  I'd tell you how we found out, but then we'd jeopardize our sources.  Sorry, we just can't do that.  

The meeting starts out as normal, with people from very wealthy walks of life fraternizing and networking.  Slowly, they are all led through a room called the changing room.  This process takes hours, because there are at least a hundred people at this meet up.  It's one of their biggest ones.  If you were wandering why Topeka, Kansas, it has something to do with the latitude and longitude of where's it's situated.  Anyway, everyone is led through the "changing room" where they are given special ornaments to wear, a black or red robe, and some sort of mask. Some of the masks are plague masks, some of them are mardi gras inspired masks, others are masks you would see at a masquerade ball.  The idea is that they are losing their individuality, to give their sex to the goddess.  

Once they have all concealed their identities, then the real fun begins.  Rituals dating back to ancient times.  A man dressed in a ram's head gets totally nude and proceeds to have sex with a young virgin.  As this happens a statue of the goddess Ishtar is dropped in from overhead.  When the man is done with his virgin, she is sacrificed to the idol and the sexual frenzy begins.  There are no limitations.  Everybody begins having wild sex-capade with each other with absolutely no regard given to race, age, ethnicity, or gender.  The idea is to partake in pure sexual indulgence and pleasure.  The energy of the place becomes incredibly intense.  The statue becomes alive but does not move from where it's standing.  These rituals go on all night, with the sexual energy filling the statue that has now become alive.  The statue, the great goddess of fertility is so filled with the energy that she herself experiences great orgasm.  Each time she orgasms, she offers the attendees a gift.  These gifts are funneled into reality via the goddess' mouth and they lay at the feet of the goddess until the end of the ritual.  

At the end of the ritual, the pieces are collected.  Each one has a different powers.   Most of them have something to do with wealth.  In fact,  our investigator was able to confiscate just one of these pieces and this feat in and of itself was pretty amazing, because the pieces are heavily guarded.  Don't ask me how he was able to do it, but he was.  This piece is wealth incarnate.  By this I mean that this piece was given the energy or power or magic of wealth.  Rather, this piece is the energy of wealth that has been born into this world of the Illuminati goddess who granted it to those who were offering her their bodies in sex.  This piece is pure wealth and nothing but wealth.  When using this piece is will undoubtedly leave you with riches beyond your wildest imagination.  Money and material possessions will begin flowing in your life like a river of plenty.  You will not want for anything.  Your financial returns will grow.  You can use this piece to score big at the casino.  People in the street will stop and just give you money for no reason.  When you use this piece, you become wealth-- the very wealth that you have craved your entire life.  

In order to activate this piece, you must wear it during at least three sexual escapades.  It doesn't have to be with the same person and it doesn't matter who the person is.  It only matters that you wear it during the sexual encounter and allow it to soak up the energy of the carnal desires.  Then, this piece will awaken and that is when you will experience wealth to the fullest.  There is no going wrong with this piece.  It will bring you everything that you have ever dreamt of. 

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