Wealth Magic of the Irish Crown Jewels
Wealth Magic of the Irish Crown Jewels

Wealth Magic of the Irish Crown Jewels

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This piece is vintage with real stones. 


This piece is for royal wealth. This is the most prominent and powerful kind of wealth that you can acquire because it was created for a very regal purpose. That purpose was to keep the nobility of the English Crown as rich as possible. Although England had their own Royal Jewels. So did the Irish who, until 1907 was successful in hiding their crown jewels from the public.  


Unfortunately, in 1907 they were stolen. There is a lot that goes into it in terms of conspiracies and theories as to who might have stolen them or where they are at. I'm not going to get into all of that except to say that I personally believe that they were stolen by the Order of Saint Patric-- a secret society of unionists who wanted to remain loyal to the queen while Ireland struggled with its independence.  


The Order of Saint Patrick existed for many reasons and one of those reasons was to advocate for a continued union between Ireland and England. You see how that went. Ireland ended up splitting in half. Either way, I personally think they are the ones who stole the jewels to keep them away from the separatists who wanted to be free from the rule of the English monarchy, whose hand was quite heavy.  


The thing about the Irish Crown Jewels is that they were made with very powerful wealth magic. This magic was the result of blood rituals and sacrifices that were done by the English and Irish Aristocracy. The magic was kept secret as a means to keep the wealth in the upper echelon, so they could rule over the poor.  


The piece that we are offering has been created with the astounding wealth powers of the Irish Crown Jewels. This wealth energy has been sourced from many different places and it is the most potent wealth magic that they could find. When you own this piece you will be receiving the wealth of the royals. We have offered other pieces with the same power, but this one transcends those wealth items (not to say those other ones aren't powerful) because it goes back to the original crown jewels. You don't have to do anything but wear this piece and the wealth will begin to roll in-- slowly at first but then more and more until eventually, you find yourself swimming in it!

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