Wealth of the Arowana
Wealth of the Arowana

Wealth of the Arowana

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This piece tells just one story of the very powerful wealth deity, Caishen.  He came to Earth to appraise the powers that he had distributed.  This is because the gods have to maintain as much power in the heavens as they do on earth.  They must never let the world become more powerful than they are.  As he was surveying the land he noticed a very beautiful young woman washing her hair in the river. 
He watched her every day for a week before he had the nerve to work up enough strength to talk to her.  I guess conversation isn't just a human weakness.  It can be one for the gods as well, especially when the lady was a beautiful as this one was.  In his mortal form, Caishen approached the young girl and professed his love for her.  As proof, she required a gift.  
At this Caishen demanded the waters be still.  He called out to the fish in the river ordering forth the presence of an ancient Arowana fish.  These are the ancient fish that have been tasked with the responsibility of holding all the good fortune and wealth of the world.  With alchemy that he pulled he full from the water, he created this piece that you see here out of the fish that was presented to him.  
This fish was enough to win over the heart of the young maiden, who Caishen took as his consort.  No longer needing the wealth or good fortune, this piece was entrusted to an ancient brotherhood for Chinese scholars and magic.  This is who we got this piece from.  When you have this piece or wear it as a pendant, this piece will be activated using your own powers.  
This Arowana fish will swim through multiple realms of existence and bring you what only the most powerful wealth energies.  You can use this piece while doing anything from gambling at the casino, playing the lottery, doing sweepstakes, or anything along those lines.  It will bring you massive amounts of wealth, as well as increases your luck for you!

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