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Sacred Geometry is all about harmonics and math along with how everything ties into the heavens and the universe as well as creation. I remember reading a rare book about Einstein who didn't believe in God at first. Later on after looking at all the math he realized there is no way that there wasn't a creator that held human like brains but just better. When you look at the numbers in the Bible, example 666 they all have a meaning. It is said that those who understand the meaning can know pretty much all just not in those words. I would have to look it up. What is really going on is that those with the knowledge or who can figure it out and then make use of it can really use this rare, extremely rare magic that is like nothing else on Earth or in Heaven.

This sterling ring was made using the number 7, 7 stones for the rare harmonics and the cryptic 7's in the Bible. This piece holds Metatron as well as Metatron's magical cube. This also holds the power of Sandalphon. 

Some may ask exactly what is the cube? The cube is hard for the human mind to understand because of how complex it is. Even if you don't fully understand it's makeup or how it was put together what you can understand is what it does.

The cube actually sits in your mind hidden because it is hard for you to understand how it was made. What it is though is the computer chip of God basically. All things and all people all creatures every created come from this chip. Not really a chip of course but more of a hidden memory that when activated gives you the ability to do ANYTHING and I do mean ANYTHING!  What would anything actually mean? It would mean that you have the same brain and are connected to God. That you have the same power and ability. Can you now comprehend that? I bet you still can't!

So how do you take into this? You start with the flower of life and in uncovering the cube which you already have. It doesn't matter how you think of yourself. Everyone is different for a very good reason but all of us can take hold of this power. What is locked in the depths of your mind is something that would really amaze you. 

People seek transformations so they never have to die but with this and unlocking your own power you do it yourself. Not only does it do that but you are a true powerhouse of magic in our world. Now in other worlds it is normal but we are living in shade here and we should move on and up to a higher level of existence. This piece does that for you.

You may wear it on your finger or wear it on a chain but no matter how you wear it you will begin a transformation that changes your life forever. If living forever is what you want it is here. If stopping aging is what you want then it is here. If you wish to elevate to living on a different realm of pure white light then get ready to travel. If you wanted to create a world all your own and populate it you could. There is so much you can do it is crazy.

Welcome yourself to the cube. You will never look back. You will wonder why it took you so long. You will change your life forever.

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