What Lies Between the Lion's Gate and Grave Circle A | STAR
What Lies Between the Lion's Gate and Grave Circle A | STAR

What Lies Between the Lion's Gate and Grave Circle A | STAR

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Sometime after the creation of the Lion Gate and Grave Circle A, there was the rise of an order that called themselves the Sword of Agamemnon. It's unknown how many members were included in this group but we know that they were highly skilled and knowledged in the occult. They often roamed back and forth between the Lion's Gate and Grave Circle A up until a certain point doing which they seemed to disappear in thin air - it is why there is very little if anything at all about the Sword of Agamemnon.

The thing about this group is that they aren't exactly famous, infamous or completely unknown either. They exist passively. Those who know about them simply acknowledge that they exist and sort of move on from there because it seems as though they have little relevance even though they actually do. The thing about the Sword of Agamemnon is they are eternally caught in the stream of time. It is not that they are stuck, it is where they choose to be.

Grave Circle A had represented the realm of the deceased and the Lion's Gate represented the realm of life, within which the stream was active. Mask of Agamemnon
is the source of power but it channels from the Lion's Gate and Grave Circle A. We don't know how they established this time line or how but we do know that it exists and they can frequently be seen, if you visit the Lion's Gate or Grave Circle A, in passing. Sometimes it is just a glimmer of them running through time but other times they do appear in physical form.

Their entire existences are dedicated to manipulating and attempting to stir time away from complete ruin. Every little move they make is felt by the past, present and future. The reason we do not acknowledge it is because we don't remember what has changed. That's the scary part about time. It's always changing and we don't know it.

They have used their access to this massive timeline multiple times to half the possibility of nuclear warfare, self destruction and other events that would have otherwise resulted in a global catastrophe.

This piece was created during the first time they ever passed into the stream. It belonged to one of the head knights. We are not sure if there are multiple of these but the original knight is the one to have it to us. When he left it into our hand, his entire being faded like sand in the wind. When we attempted to conjure him afterwards to figure out why he had given us the piece, he was no where to be found - neither alive or dead in any time.

During the testing phase of the piece, we found that we have yet to figure out something that impedes this piece's capability except for attempting to change too much without warning. Other than that, this piece is a complete and accurate way to time travel.

It piece embodies an enormous stream of time, all of which are sealed into place by hundreds of empowered time glyphs. The glyphs are what allow you to jump throughout the various different eras. You are only able to view and jump along the time stream within the realm you are traveling. You can travel to any era and view any event that happened within that era. You can visit specific individuals as well. You cannot interact with people along the timeline but all questions can be answered regardless. All you need to do is speak your question and the piece will pull you through the stream into the era within which the answer to your question takes place.

Once you enter this stream of time, you can alter the timeline. However, this is a very delicate process and should not be used recklessly. Say you have something that you sincerely regret that you did, you can go back and influence the change or attempt to make it change immediately. Depending on how you go about it, will depend on how the future reacts to the change, which is why we always recommend gradual changes.

Say someone you love left you and you know that going back in time and changing that one thing would still have them at your side... You can do that but, again, it must be done carefully. If you attempt to change time too fast, the chain reaction happens at a more sudden pace that ca result in chaos. After all, time travel isn't something at all people can just do without ending up ruining something in the future. That is what makes this piece a bit more complicated than others. It has no limits because the limits it has have to be created by you upon acquiring the piece.

To activate this ring for time travel, you write the year down on a piece of paper, you just need to turn the ring and set it upon the year to where the year fits inside the hoop of the ring and then you put it back on. This piece is sterling silver.


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