What Martellus Didn't Tell Us About Atlantis
What Martellus Didn't Tell Us About Atlantis
What Martellus Didn't Tell Us About Atlantis

What Martellus Didn't Tell Us About Atlantis

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This is an amazing piece that holds a magic will give you all the answers that you want regarding Atlantis and the highly advanced civilization that dwelt there. It comes to use compliments of a secret document that we obtained from an "invite-only" auction that we attended a few years ago in France. How this bit of information that we happened upon wound up in France is a mystery. I guess the only real explanation is that it had something to do with the Rothschild family. They are always looking for ways to build upon the astounding wealth that they already have.

The secret document we obtained was one that was written by the one and only Henricus Martellus who has also been called Heinrich Hammer. He was a German cartographer who devoted his entire life to circumnavigating the globe and documenting his findings. Believe me when I tell you that the Earth is much larger than the governments that rule it like to put on. There are places on Earth that are for the elite only and despite the fact that modern-day pilots and explorers have never managed to happen upon then, the Medieval Martellus was somehow able to find out about a bunch of them... including Atlantis.

The document we acquired was written by Martellus and his scribed during his stay in Florence, Italy from the year 1480 to 1496. It was funded by the Italian government, but I'm sure that shouldn't come as any surprise either. They were constantly funding world-domination efforts. They have just finally gotten over the fact that Rome was conquered. It's never going to happen again.

This document gives a rather explicit account of Martellus' time in Atlantis, how he found it, and the supremely advanced beings that he encountered when he drifted upon their shores. He wrote of an advanced race of hospitable beings, who believed in freely sharing their magic with anybody they came across. This is a magic that not only rivals but far surpasses any of the magic that can be found on Earth today or even in ancient times.

This magic is a magic that has descended from the cosmos and would be free to everybody on Earth if they only knew how to embrace it. However, the human mind has become so dull that everybody is caught up in why Cardi B through her shoe at Nicki Minaj, rather than bettering themselves or trying to advance their understanding of life. It's simply the de-evolution that the governments of the planet have planned for humanity, while they retain all of the power and knowledge.

However, with this piece, you do not have to stand for that, at least not when it comes to the ancient Atlanteans. The secret document we have pinpointed, on an original Martellus map, the exact place where energies can be obtained that will allow the mind to travel to Atlantis. In fact, it is the only way that it can travel to Atlantis as the continent is not located on an interplanar level and cannot be seen by the naked human eye without some sort of energetic manipulation. That is what this piece gives to you. We have sent out people to this special place and have obtained the energy.

We did have several of these pieces, but we have given some away as gifts and we are keeping one for our own research purposes. This is the one that we have left. It will give you an enlightenment that opens your mind, like a door, to Atlantis. Atlantis will come from within you and it will not be a place that you have to go. This will allow you to explore Atlantis, to know all of its ancient and occult magic including that of its ancient pyramids. This will give you the ability to learn a deep-rooted sorcery that will help you not only manifest the powers that you are looking for but to also be able to control your own destiny. This is how the Atlanteans have managed to become immortal. I'm not saying that this piece will 100% make you an immortal. I'm saying that with magic this powerful, nothing is outside the realm of possibilities. Thank you Martellus, you did a wonderful job!

We have set this power into this piece, which represents the doorway to Atlantis, but is also a physical representation of the beings you will encounter there.  Their skin is much like ours, but a bluish tinge to it, simply because the powers of the psyhce and aura have spilled over into the immortal, physical vessels.   The blue outline is the energy that was obtained that allows you to fully open Atlantistis within yourself, to travel there, and to full comprehend.  

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