What Mount Rushmore Hides; Chromosomal Manipulation
What Mount Rushmore Hides; Chromosomal Manipulation
What Mount Rushmore Hides; Chromosomal Manipulation

What Mount Rushmore Hides; Chromosomal Manipulation

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We have written about the secrets of Mount Rushmore prior to this, but this time it is a completely different secret that we are shedding light on. Before, the secret was that there is a chamber that was built behind the face of Abe Lincoln that serves a Hall of Records. what we never knew before is that the Hall of Records that was hidden behind Abe's face was done so strategically.

This Hall of Records was developed to complement the secret laboratories that were constructed in the space behind Thomas Jefferson's face. The Illuminati has brainwashed their own theatrical cast of "caretakers" and "groundskeepers" who will swear that they have never seen such a thing or they have taken care of this or they have taken care of that. Wait. Here's a new concept. The government has been perfecting mind control since God knows when. Besides, they are a bunch of liars. Even your favorite politician tells lies. It's what they do.

The truth is that Mount Rushmore was placed where it was placed on purpose. Why? Because those coordinates match up with a space-time anomaly where there is an arc that can be traveled through. On the other side of this space-time anomaly, there are creatures that just like human beings, only they are thousands of years old. They look like humans. The talk like humans. They act like humans. Only, they exhibit many more talents than the human race can ever hope to experience. To be fair, the average lifespan of these beings is around 2,000-years-old, so they have a lot more time to get things right than a human does.

The arc was first discovered after the civil war by a soldier who defected from the Confederacy. He went west in search of a better life and found himself in the Black Hills region of South Dakota. Keystone was a small mining town and he attempted to make a new life for himself there. In the foothills is where he first discovered that the overlapping between the two realities existed. He began telling people what he had discovered, but the townsfolk just wrote him off as someone who must've gone crazy during the war.

His name has never been released, not even by the government. He kept a journal of his experiences and the government even confiscated that. After arresting the soldier on petty crime, the government wipes his brain of any memory he had of his run-in with the arc. They gave him some good memories, I'm sure, and he lived out the rest of his days in some Gulf fishing town in Alabama. However, the government moved in on the reality that the arc provided immediately transported to another galaxy far away and to an advanced civilization. Why would they make a monument out of the place? What better place to hide something than out in the open, where you can hire whoever you want to monitor the grounds, and even check with the workers to make sure they aren't up to anything that is going to blow your cover.

In the laboratories, tests are constantly being conducted with entities of the other species. It's unclear whether these "people" were bartered by their government or if our government abducted them somehow. The fact remains that these experiments have been going on. The government has been conducting chromosomal research and has finally figured out a way to manufacture people for the perfect human race. They have perfect a number of seemingly ordinary items that they give to their human test patients. These patients then undergo chromosomal manipulation and awakening. The result is that the new humanoid individual is still human, but with the powers of the people who live on the other side of the arc. These power can be attributed to the fact that they have three suns in their solar system-- a red one, a violet one, and one that looks like ours. In that realm, all they need to survive is solar radiation, because they are highly evolved. As such, these suns feed them with UV rays and their bodies have turned these rays into powers and magic, unlike the bodies we have that fry when exposed to UV radiation.

So, these new beings are given a psychic awakening with abilities, unlike anything you've ever seen. They spend a lot of time in the sun because it nourishes their bodies (in addition to regular food) and allows them to develop and create magic in the mind that can be manifested into their reality. So picture this-- you are out by the pool laying in the Sun. Next thing you know, you fall asleep and while you are sleeping you are dreaming of the ability to be able to astral travel. When you wake up, you take the piece that has been given to you by the government, meditate with it, and it opens up a broad new horizon of realities to explore. This isn't the only ability they have, it is just one of many that can be created with their new molecular makeup.

The piece that we are offering has come from the laboratories at Mt Rushmore and offers you this ability. To use the piece you will need to keep in on your person for no less than 60 days for the chromosomal manipulation to take place. Once it has begun you will notice slight changes in your body, including the ability to harvest sunlight in the power that you devise in your mind.

The piece you are getting is an original from the Mt Rushmore experiments.  It is a vintage sterling ring that looks normal but offers power beyond your wildest imagination.  

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