When Opportunity Knocks

When Opportunity Knocks

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This piece is called "When Opportunity Knocks" for good reasons. This piece was once owned by the late Amy Winehouse, who you all know had a special penchant for the paranormal. This might have something to do with her Russian Ancestry. Whatever the case may be, she was into the paranormal. From a young age she had always dreamt of being a famous singer. The problem was that nobody really ever thought she was that good. This, coupled with the fact that she clearly had a drug problem, made it difficult for her to find work. However, when she finally did break out of her shell she quickly rose to international superstardom and notoriety due to her wild antics and habitual drug use. I mean, I guess if you're going to do something, go big or go home.

What I'm getting at is, while I think Amy Winehouse is uniquely talented, she had a little help getting there. She had a "special necklace" into which a power was invoked that gave her the gift of unlimited opportunity. She could have used this piece to get whatever she wanted from whomever she wanted. The bottom line was that she had never aspired to be more than a singer. When Amy Winehouse tragically died, nobody ever really knew that she had this piece, so nobody really thought anything of it. The item ended up not having any real association with the singer and was just kind of tossed to the side. It has been traveling the paranormal circles since then and we are the latest to have this piece turn up on our doorstep.

This piece is Amy Winehouse's special necklace. She is the one that actually commissioned somebody to design and make this extreme potent item. When you wear this piece, you will be presented with endless opportunities in whatever it is you like to do. Of course, you can use this piece to open up opportunity in the music industry, this has been proven. Amy Winehouse won 5 Grammys in very little time. However, this piece can be used for any type of opportunity that you want. It can be used for an opportunity in business. I can be used for an opportunity in other forms of entertainment. If can be used for educational opportunities or opportunities or personal enrichment. It can be used for paranormal opportunities and your opportunity to be able to create the most powerful kinds of magic. If you really want it, this piece can be used to give you the opportunity to have your very own cooking show. Literally, whatever opportunity you find yourself craving this piece will provide for you. You know what they say though, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink. If an opportunity presents itself, carpe diem!! You will not regret that you did.

By the way, to add to the allure of this piece, it is a vintage Marvella piece done is beautiful emerald green.  

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