White Light Fairy Birther

White Light Fairy Birther

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This piece holds powers from the fairy garden of Tylweth Teg.  In case you didn't know, this is the realm where the fairies went to live after persecution by the humans.  This is why they no longer exist in our human realm to the bear naked eye.  

This piece holds an energy that allows you to birth a fairy.  This is a nameless fairy that you will name when it is born.  It is also a powerless fairy by nature.  That is because when it is born you will get to call out three powers that you would like for your fairy to have.  It will then be infused with these three powers and you can summon your fairy for access to these powers any time you choose.  

To activate the powers in this piece and birth your fairy, you place a flower inside the locked and wear it for three days.  

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