White Light Hound from the Hills of Tennessee
White Light Hound from the Hills of Tennessee

White Light Hound from the Hills of Tennessee

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This peice comes from an investigation that we were on in Tennessee. It was on the way back from one of our trips to New Orleans. We were called by the frantics owners of a tract of property on which sits an abandoned old church. The church isn't in the best shape, but it isn't the worse we've ever seen either. In fact, compared to some, this church was in decent condition. Either way, the owner told us that the church was haunted by some sort of entity. By their own account, they said there was something going on-- they could feel the entity, they saw strange lights coming from the windows at night time, they could hear growls coming from the basement of the old church etc. They were put into contact with us by one of our longest buying customers, so we agreed to head on over to see what was going on.

After a not so ceremonious investigation, we uncovered what the problem was. There was an item in the basement of the church to which a Heaven Hound had been attached. The congregation of the church, before it was abandoned was so petrified of a demonic takeover at the church that they summoned this entity into this item to keep them safe. The job of the Heaven Hound was to guard the church, but it seems like they left and forgot all about the faithful entity. I can only imagine what they knew that we don't know. Like why were they so afraid of demonic takeover. It almost sounds like some of the people in that church were serving two masters if you ask me. Either way, we found nothing demonic in the building... and with this presence guarding we can completely understand why!

This piece holds the presence of a very ancient Heaven Hound. It once lived in the realms of Heaven, sitting at the food of the throne of God. When using this piece, he will appear to you, with fur as white a fresh winter snow. His eyes are illuminated like rainbows, because of the ultra-white light power that he holds. When you summon him, he will grant divine protection and intervention. He will keep you and your family and your household safe from any dark or negative spirits. In fact, he will hunt them down to send them back to Hell where they belong. In act, as long as you wear this piece, this holy beast will protect an area of up to a quarter square mile. He doesn't play games.

Aside from bringing you protection, this white light Heaven Hound will bring you an array of white light spells that you can use in your every day life. You can also petition him to remove obstacles that you may be experiencing in life. This can bring things such as wealth, luck, love, etc. He will even give you the ability shapeshift yourself, if you so desire. Either way, the powers in this piece are incredible!!


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