Who Put Bella in the Witch Elm? | STAR
Who Put Bella in the Witch Elm? | STAR
Who Put Bella in the Witch Elm? | STAR

Who Put Bella in the Witch Elm? | STAR

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During WWII, in Hagley Wood, England in 1943, four young children discovered something peculiar—the corpse of a woman encased in the hollow trunk of a witch hazel tree. Due to the war, little was done in an effort to figure out how she had ended up in the tree much less whom had put her there. All that was essentially found out was that the woman was approximately 35 years old, she was a brunette, the cause of death appeared to be asphyxiation and her body had been placed in the tree before rigor mortis had set in about a year and a half prior. Aside from the body of an unidentified woman being found, an amputated hand was found buried near the tree. It was partially preserved and did not belong to Bella—its origin and purpose was unknown.


In early 1944, attention was drawn back to the case when curious messages began to appear all over the West Midlands of Old Hill, which is not far from Hagley, reading: Who put Bella in the Witch Elm? These messages appeared written in a variety of ways, the name itself varying in spelling and pronunciations, but the names were always relatively similar to Bella. The messages only posed questions and never gave actual answers. They remained untraceable, those who had wrote them never left any further indications of their identity and the messages had continued to appear for years after the corpse had been found. They appear to this day quite randomly among and within Old Hill.


In 1945, among the questions—“Who put Bella in the Witch Elm?”—a new message began to appear along side it, albeit more rarely. It inquired a different concern: Where is Bella now? This message was not released to the general public, as it never appeared on the surface of public property and it was treated as vandalism performed by unidentified culprits who may be trying to scare the locals. However, just before Bella’s burial, it was discovered that the body was missing and the message appeared again: Where is Bella now? It was written in a small amount of soil mixed with human blood.


After about four years of the messages continuing to appear, the hazel witch tree within which Bella’s body had been found was revisited and further investigated. During this visit, a second amputated body part was found—a right hand. The DNA did not match the first hand that had been found but, similarly to the first hand, it was well preserved and appeared to still have cell growth. The nails, hair and skin cells were active but at a significantly lower rate than that of the average living human being. DNA showed that this hand did belong to the corpse that had been found in the tree.


One day, the hand was found in a closed fist, from which it could not be opened. On the outer palm, a familiar message was carved: Where is Bella now?


It remained closed for a little over seven decades. We came in possession of the hand in 2005. For reasons we are unaware of, it opened in 2014 and there was an item resting in the palm of the severed hand..


This piece was found in the palm of the second hand found near the original witch hazel tree Bella’s body had been found in. It passively draws spirits and omits a soft aura of whispers whenever a number of spirits are nearby. It draws them in permanently, during which the holder receives visions through the eyes of one who appears to be looking over their body. It is almost like an outer body experience but you can see everything and anything anywhere you want. Additionally, you inherit abilities, the origin of which is uncertain but they are very powerful. You can pull power, energy and or abilities into existence. You think of whatever it is that you want to exist—whatever it is that you want to be capable of—and instill it into your physical being while outside of your body.


Each time a new individual has come in contact with this piece, they have heard a voice whispering in the back of their mind: I am here. We believe that Bella, whomever she was, may have played a key part in the creation and existence of this piece but it is unclear how or why. She does not seem to be of a malevolent nature but this item can be used to create any form of magic—dark, light or dual—nonetheless.


This piece is authentic gold and garnet.

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