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The ancient coven of witches that this piece comes from is called the Witches of Concordia.  Concordia is not a place that you will find on the globe and if you do it is not all the place where these witches call home.  These witches don't really call any place home, because they are traveling coven.  They travel not just the world, but throughout many different realms, throughout time, and through the astral planes.  The reason they are called the Witches of Concordia is because they are a coven of ancient witches.  They have together to practice their magic in harmony, to help them grow together as a coven.  They refer to their coven as a hive, but I figured I'd used coven, because the people reading this will probably be more familiar with that word 
The witches of the hive come from many different backgrounds.  Some are gypsies, some are dark witches, some are astral witches, some are white witches, some are ancient Egyptian witches, and there is one that was brought up in the magic of the Witch of Endor who could raise any being from the dead with the utterance of a name.  Not a one of these witches is less than 1,000 years old.  Some of them are older, but the youngest witch in the hive is over 1,000 years old.  Despite the fact that you can find them traveling throughout multiple different dimensions and planes, they do call the Earth their home, because for the most part they are a group of Earthen witches, even though they draw their powers from ever angle and the four corners of the universe, so to speak.  This is why they returned to Earth to make this piece.  Even God had to use the Earth to create his most sacred beings-- the humans.  There is something about the energy of the Earth, created by the hand of God, that allows for capless possibilities.  
Either way, they returned to Earth on the Eve of the first blood moon.  They drew up a ritual circle in the Earth large enough to contain the entire hive.  By the light of the blood moon, they opened their arms and spilled their blood out upon the ground while reciting an ancient incantation Kabbalah incantation.  They returned to the Earth for each of the subsequent three blood moons that happened this past year.  This they did in accordance to an ancient witch prophecy that told them that the greatest among them would be born during the year of the four seasons of the moon.  They were given a set of rituals to follow in order to manifest this new birthling that was to bring about the most powerful witch to date-- the most powerful witch that the world has ever seen.  
On the night of the Fourth Blood Moon, the witches gathered within the same circle as before.  By the light of the moon they again spilled their blood onto the ground.  This time, all of their blood merged together, created one blood flow.  This blood was then mixed with soil from the Earth and life was breathed into from all of the powers that the Witches of Concordia have ever experienced, except it went one step further.  The new blood held every single power that any witch has ever known... EVER.  It did this because when all of the witches blood were placed together as one blood, it acted as a metaphysical magnet and all powers of witchery that have ever been in existence were drawn to it.  This was done to fulfill the witch prophecy that the greatest one to live among them would be born; and she was.  
The witch was created from the Earth, just like any other tale of creation, or like creating a golem.  She born with the new blood, called the blood of all.  This gave the new witch who was born the powers that were contained in the blood of all.  Despite the fact that she was literally just born, she is technically thousands of years old, as she was born from the blood of ancient witches.  She was born an immortal.  Some immortals will die, she is not one of them. Her body is indestructible by any means, as she encompasses all powers, so she has the remedies to all powers as well.  She can create anything simply by speaking it into existence.  For example, if she wants to be rich all she has to do is say so.  If she wants to burn somebodies house down, all she has to is say so.  If she wants time to stop, all she has to do is say so.  If she wants to vanquish any being, create any form of matter, destroy any form of matter, create any power or ability, give life to any type of creature, change her physical being into something else, travel to far away realms of existence, create worlds, etc., all she has to do is say so.  She can literally do any thing, cause any actions, create any power or ability simply by mentioning words.  It's not done by some long drawn out incantation either.  All she has to do is command to Earth to make it so and it does.  For instance, if she wants to see the future she will say something like, "Earth, show me the future."  If she wants to gain wealth-- "Earth, bring me all of your wealth."  If she wants to control weather, she might say, "Earth, make it rain," "Earth, bring me sunlight."  
This is the most powerful witch of all and her essence has been trapped into this piece.  When I say essence I mean a duplicate copy of her powers.  I already told you she is immune to any type of power attack.  She knows all spells and can undo them before they are even done.  It would have been impossible for me to trap her into this piece for that reason.  I met her on the astral realms, though, and she was bemused by the fact that I exalt her powers.  She allowed me to duplicate her powers.  Okay, well she duplicated them for me and stuck them into the piece.  When you wear this piece, you become like a physical manifestation of a second her.  You will gain her entire livelihood in that you will become exactly like her and be able to do the things that she does.  There is nothing more that really needs to be said.    
The piece she made for us a sterling silver wand.  In order to use this piece you will stir it around in a glass of water to make a potion.  You will then drink this potion.  You will do this by light of a full moon.  It really is that simple, because she really is that powerful.  



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