Witch's Blood Pendulum
Witch's Blood Pendulum

Witch's Blood Pendulum

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This piece is called the witches blood pendulum. The reason it is called that is that it was originally made with the blood of 150 resurrected witches who were brutally murdered during the Witch Trials in Europe. These included witches from 6 different covens who specialized in many different types of magic. The blood energy was summoned from the group upon which their blood was shed and when it was it turned this pendulum from a clear color to a red color. It was at this point that the ritual was sealed, with the blood energy held within.

Now, what can this piece do for you? First and foremost, this piece takes the place of needed a blood sacrifice if and when you are doing those types of rituals. This means you won't have to kill animals and well murder is kind of frowned upon, so there's that. This energies in this piece take the place of the energies that you would need from any type of sacrifice.

Secondly, this piece acts as a pendulum that will give you yes and no answers. Not only that, but it acts as a bridge. When you use this piece, the yes and no questions will eventually switch over to full-on psychic visions during which you will be able to ask the witches to see anything and they will show it to you.

The final way this piece will help you is through casting. These witches are extremely powerful and extremely versed in what they can offer you. They offer many different types of magic that they can cast on your behalf. If there is a magic that you want to cast and they don't know it, they will search the astral realms until they find it!

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