Witch's Energy Pendulum

Witch's Energy Pendulum

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This piece pulls its powers from a 600-year-old book of magic that has been a breakthrough on discovering what was known and unknown about alchemy in the 1400s.  The same book has been a breakthrough in other areas of magic as well, including witchcraft.  It has been appropriately, and in typical medieval wizard style, entitled "Recipes and Extracts on Alchemy, Medicine, Metal-Working, Cosmetics, Veterinary Science, Agriculture, Wine-Making, and Other Subjects".   What a title, am I right?!

The fact remains that while this book holds a lot of information that isn't so magical, it also holds information never before seen to human eyes.  We were specifically interested in a section of the book that holds what we call witch "cookbooks."  These cookbooks are sections of the book that give detailed accounts of how to create magic and sorcery using both dark magic and white magic.  We have channeled this information into a piece that we are calling the Witch's Energy Pendulum.  

When wearing the Pendulum, the knowledge of the cookbooks will be given to you, fed to you through your third-eye via a magic that gives you psychic connection to the book.  What will do for you?  It will allow you to cast any spell that you choose to cast, without zero inhibition.  It will also allow you to ask the spirits who live on the other side questions.  They will give you answer by communicating via the pendulum.  The pendulum will create an energy that will give you full-on psychic visions regarding the questions that you have asked.  

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