Witch's Eye:  Intuition Will Reveal

Witch's Eye: Intuition Will Reveal

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When you wear this piece you gain a power called the Eye of the Witch. This is an ancient power that witches used to be able to see into the future. This power allowed them not only to see into their own future but to also see into the future of others. In order to do this, they had to be wearing a special talisman and take another person by the hand. Visions of the future are seen with the left eye, while the right stays in the present. With this type of intuition, it made it possible for witches to see into the future for many reasons, but the number one reason was to escape persecution. Presently, you can use this piece to see the outcome of the choices you make as a way to kind of plan for how your life is going to go. You can also use this piece to try and see what will bring you the things that you want out of life. In this way, it will act as a guide, leading you along the roads to success. I know that this is a witch's piece, but it can be used by either a man or a woman, on the finger or as a pendant on a chain.

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