Witch's Willow Nephilim Bracelet

Witch's Willow Nephilim Bracelet

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In our Youtube Videos over the weekend we showed you all a piece that was made from a weeping willow tree. This weeping willow tree was known as the witch's tree because there was a witch that practiced under it all the time. When her mortal body died, so did the tree. Subsequently, it was chopped down and its wood was used for different things. Some of the wood was used to make magical relics because the magic that was found in the tree was so powerful. Its roots absorbed the powers of the ancient witch and the tree was grown in power and magic.

This piece was also created with the wood from the witch's willow tree. She is still around in spirit form, by the way, just not in physical form. This piece holds a masquerading magic. What I mean by that is that when you wear it, it hides your true form from others who might be hunting you. For example, this piece could be worn by a vampire or werewolf and nobody would ever suspect them because it masks their energies and the magic that is present that is necessary for them to be the entities that they are.

For many years, this piece was worn by a Nephilim. If you are not familiar with the Nephilim, I would invite you to look them up. In short, they are very powerful entities that are the offspring of fallen angels and human women who took these angels as lovers. Either way, from wearing this bracelet for so many years, it began to absorb the energies and the magic of the Nephilim that wore it, the same way the roots of the willow once soaked up all of the witch's powers. The result was a bracelet that not only allowed you to hide who you truly are but also holds a very intense amount a Nephilim power.

With this piece, you will gain white light powers from the angelic half of the Nephilim DNA. Again, this is pure white light angelic power. It allows you to travel to Heaven and to communicate with the angels that live there. You will be able to see them in their true form and they will give you the powers that you ask for. They can grant a slew of powers including the ability to grant love, the ability to grant wealth, the ability to change destiny, the ability to see the future, the ability to do white light healing, the ability vanquish all evil. The thing is, you simply have to embrace the angels and their powers. Ask around, there is bound to be an angel that can grant you the power you are looking for. You will be able to put the power you are seeking into the wood of the weeping willow bracelet that you will wear while astral traveling.

This bracelet is astounding. The powers that it holds are unmatched, so if you are into white light magic, then this is definitely one for you.

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