"X" Marks the Spot Wealth Bracelet

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This is a very simple-to-use wealth item. When you look at it you will notice the bit "X" in the middle of it and chevron design that serves as arrows pointing to the "X". I'm sure you've heard of "X" marks the spot, right" It is a phrase that is used because "X" used to mark the spot of treasure on old pirate maps.

Okay, so that seems a little bit childish, I get that. However, this really is the power that this piece brings to you. It is a wealth item that will lead you to various sums of wealth. They are treasures that will help you amass a great fortune when you collect them because the monetary value of these treasures is something that you have not experienced before.

An example of how this will work-- You can wear this piece to the casino. Allow your mind to drift and focus on the energies of the piece. It will telepathically and subconsciously pull you toward the machine or table that is going to win you the most money! Wear this piece while playing the lottery. It will allow you to choose the ticket that will win you big bucks!! Wear this piece while interviewing for a job and it will allow you to know the words to say to land the job! Wear this piece while proposing business deals and it will give you the means to negotiate better than Donald Trump!! If you are an inventor this piece will allow you to come up with that next big must-have item! If you are a singer, this piece will allow you to write that next big hit!! Whatever you endeavor to do with this piece, it will allow you to uncover those hidden treasures and wealth potentials that lurk just around the corner, out of sight!!



This bracelet can be any color, one I just made is silver color and modern but I have more. Who knows which one you will get! 11/3/23

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