Your Pound of Vampire Flesh
Your Pound of Vampire Flesh

Your Pound of Vampire Flesh

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This piece comes to us from the Royal House of Dupris.  There isn’t much to say about this piece in terms of where it came from.  We did not have to go on some extravagant journey to get it. We have friends inside of the Royal House of Dupris, so it was kind of like I scratch your back, you scratch mine.  They owed us a favor. We called it in. We acquired the piece. It was as simple as that.

This piece holds the fossilized flesh of a centuries-old sanguine vampire.  He is neither dark nor light in nature and his magic is pure intention magic.  This means it is kind of like dual, but there is no association with the magic in terms of black or white until you use it and base your intentions.  The magic that it holds is pure sanguine ability, but it comes on super strong because of the way that it is given to you.

When you wear this piece, it will develop a connection to you.  As a result, you will be wrapped in a spiritual, sanguine cocoon that only you will be able to experience.  I mean you’ll be able to move around and stuff, but you exist inside of the spiritual form cocoon that is given to you by the fossilized vampire flesh that this piece holds.  

When using this piece you will be enveloped in this cocoon and it will bring you pure sanguine magic.  You marinate in it and grow in it!  You will gain a telepathic connection to the sanguine elitist that this skin used to belong to.  He will guide you along a path to the most powerful sanguine awakening you will have ever experience. This magic has been brewing for a spell and is finally ready to be unleashed.   You will gain vampire psychic powers, the ability to control minds, to do hypnosis, to cast blood spells, etc. It will give you sexiness, seduction, and the powers of vampire sex. You will be given the secrets of blood alchemy and how to create all the powers and magic you want, because this piece also acts as the blood sacrifice that allows you practice blood rites without have to ever prick yourself or cut an animal.  He walks forward and backward in time and will give you the ability to do the same. He is called the flesh walker because he takes so many different forms. When using this piece you will see him in the form that is most easy for you to work with. You can ask him any question about his magic or how to gain a power or ability.

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