Your Soul's Deepest Desire

Your Soul's Deepest Desire

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As the card suggests, this piece grants the manifestation and the fulfillment of your soul's innermost need. The powers of this piece were kept secret by the Priory of Scion, who is the same secret fraternity that hoards the locations of the Holy Grail. They say that the inception of their group was simply to guard the sacred powers of the Bloodline of Jesus Christ, but their operations have since grown to include a lot more than that. I'm beginning to think that they have another agenda in mind. Either way, this is the group from where this piece has come. Of course, they didn't know that it was going to end up with us, but it did. Too bad for them and you can chalk this one up to a win for you.

This piece is made with the workings of what is known as the miracle stone. There are more than one of these miracle stones, but this is the only one that we have. This miracle stone was created when Jesus came back to revisit his spot of Crucifixion in the mid-nineties. You're probably thinking, "No that can't be. I would have heard about that!" The thing is, Jesus only allowed certain people to be able to see him and he told them to keep it quiet for a total of seven years. Even after the seven years, people tried telling others about that time "they saw Jesus" and most people would just look at them like they were nuts. So, I'd say that this is the time that truth will be revealed to at least one person-- and that person is you.

In using these miracle stones and the powers of Jesus Christ, this piece will grant you whatever it is your soul is longing for most ardently. This could be anything. It could be wealth. It could a speific power that you have been needing in your life. If could be protection or exorcisms. It could be a success in starting up the new business you were talking about. It could even bring you a meaningful, romantic relationship. Whatever it is that your heart is longing for, that is what this piece will bring to you. It is given the power to manifest througmiraclele powers of Jesus Christ's white light.

This piece is multi-faceted. So, when you are done using it the first time you can go ahead and give it a salt bath and then use it again to manifest another one of youf oulx innermost desires!

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