Zhou Mystery Wealth
Zhou Mystery Wealth

Zhou Mystery Wealth

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When we talk about mystery schools we are usually referring to some ancient Egyptian Mystery School or the Grecian Mystery Schools. We hardly mention the Asian mystery schools, despite the fact that just like every other culture the Asians also had their secret societies. The difference is that they really valued their secrecy. The Asian culture, in general, was built upon secrecy. unlike their western counterparts, they believed that fewer people who knew about their secrets the better they would be able to maintain their magic and keep it strong. I guess it's safe to say that strength doesn't always come in number-- at least not in the case of the Asian Mystery School.

This mystery school was first set up during the Zhou Dynasty, which is why the mystery school is mostly referred to as the Zhou Mystery School. It was during the first Zhou emperor's reign that he established a secret society to rule over the powers and the magic that was given to him by the elders. Among this clandestine group were some of the most powerful magicians and sorcerers of the time.

The Zhou Mystery School has seen many homes over the years, but it wasn't until about a thousand years ago, around the turn of the first Millennium A.D. that they finally built their own pyramid that would serve as the home base for the operations of the mystery school. they pyramid was built using blueprints that were retrieved from their Egyptian counterparts.

Building a pyramid of epic proportions is wonderful and all, if you aren't going to get it from the aliens, then it's going to cost a butt load of money. That's why the emperor commissioned the sorcerers that he had chosen to head up the mystery school to make a very powerful wealth relic. This relic holds the entire force of wealth powers of the Jade Emperor. I'm not sure how they managed to persuade him into granting them ALL of his wealth power, but they did it. The pyramid was built and upon it was cast a cloaking spell. The pyramid exists in the mountains of Northern China in a very remote location. Even if it wasn't cloaked you'd have a fun time trying to tine it.

This mystery school and the pyramid that they built still exist to this day. We have traveled there to see the inside of it and it is nothing less than stunning. Elaborately decorated walls and corridor run through with entire chambers dedicated to single relics that bring you different types of powers depending on what the chamber is dedicated to.

The relic that was created to bring wealth to the Zhou Mystery School, is kept in a secret chamber for historical purposes. Every once in a while if the group needs quick funds, they use this relic to create the wealth that they need. It has funded many projects. I mean, why create a whole new thing when you all you really need is this incredible wealth magic

This piece duplicates this wealth powers of the original wealth relic that was created by the Zhou Mystery School. This piece is a very powerful piece. It is obviously not the original. It is a piece that has been inside of the pyramid and the secret chamber where the original wealth relic is kept. As such, it has gained all the wealth powers that the original has.

When you wear this piece, it will bring you a plethora of wealth. This is so much wealth that you won't know what to do with it. It's the same amount of wealth that allowed the ancient Zhou Mystery School to construct their pyramid. This is an amount of wealth that will allow you and your children and their children to be set for life.

In addition, this happy buddha will bring you happiness and contentment to your life. He will give you spiritual healing and will put your soul at ease. It will allow you to live your best life 100% of the time while deflecting drama, negativity and other sources of annoyance. However, the most prolific power in this piece is the ancient wealth powers that have been set into by the wealth relic.

This piece you get is the happy little Buddha that is made from authentic black obsidian.

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