12 Knights of the Bishop

12 Knights of the Bishop

First let me include a link to the original Bishop's Ring listing:


Now I shall introduce a unique opportunity for 12 select individuals to claim the very same power possessed within the Bishop's Ring. When I first came to be the owner of the ring it became known to me that 12 pieces would be made though I was confident that the time was not yet right. As some other dramas have unfolded I now know that the time has come. The 12 that will come into possession of these pieces are already known to the Ring, I feel myself but a conduit. I feel it is part of a process to bring change to the world. To those twelve that come into possession of these pieces know that you are blessed and that it is part of your destiny.

I have been asked already on some of the particulars of how the Ring works and I will do my best to convey some information  on my experience with it thus far. First let me say that the blessing within it already knows you who shall come to wield it. It is my experience that in many ways we bring forth own own mindset to it, which is limited. For example, one may say " I want to be very rich." This is perhaps the most common desire. Yet I have found that, in my life, immediate gross wealth runs contrary to the very reason I am here. Yet the opportunity for hard work and the riches, not just monetary, that come with it, certainly ARE. So the Ring has opened many doors and avenues, ever increasing each day, for me to reach forth and claim my own destiny. What is right for me is not right for another.
In an answer as to "How long does it take to work?" I would say that from my experience, it works immediately, though it take us time to see the results sometime . Not to get too complex but the manner in which the energy reverberates into the more dense physical realm is perceived as "time" by our very limited perceptions only. As well sometimes multiple things must occur first before your life is aligned to properly receive your blessings.
Know that to posses this Ring's power is to be blessed and you shall feel that it walks with you in all things. 
In so far as the pieces used to contain this power I had originally intended to use Saint medallion pieces but a gentleman requested another piece and I now see that my own choice may be limiting. I will make a replicated piece in sterling silver for you, please contact me for making arrangements. As of the time of this writing there will be 11 more made as a man has claimed one for himself. I would not hesitate. and you will not be sorry if you act. 
No more pieces of this nature will be created by me. My son will inherit the original ring somewhere around his 30th birthday. Until then none will be made, after that, it is up to him.

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