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12 Knights of the Bishop

12 Knights of the Bishop First let me include a link to the original Bishop's Ring listing: Now I shall introduce a unique opportunity for 12 select individuals to claim the very same power possessed within the Bishop's Ring. When I first came to be the owner of the ring it became known to me that 12 pieces would be made though I was confident that the time was not yet right. As some other dramas have unfolded I now know that the time has come. The 12 that will come into possession of these pieces are already known to the Ring, I feel myself but a conduit. I feel it is part of a process to bring change to...

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The last few days of strange!

So these last few days have been strange to say the least. I have been working at the office and my house because I just got back from an investigation. Before the investigation I completed a Ancient Uprising which you can find the link to on The lady that did the service said she will write on her blog about it and send me the link when she does. I hope she does so soon as it went beyond well! On to my own personal strange though. I have had a ton of people trying to buy the Bishops RIng which is all great since it is so expensive and rare. I get calls and emails and then the...

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